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Short Gratitude Prayer

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Saqib Rizvi
Emotional Healing Coach
We often get so involved in the daily dramas of life, that we forget to thank the Universe, God, Collective Consciousness, or whatever we believe in. A daily gratitude practice has been scientifically proven to improve the lives of people by making them more positive and healthy. So join Saqib in this short gratitude prayer, and be thankful for this beautiful life!
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I Love This
So many things to be grateful for that the Universe has provided.
Thank You
Thank you is a phrase that I find isn’t used that often anymore and yet, this simple phrase has the power to transform our life when we say it with meaning and no agenda. As the saying goes, if thank you was our mantra for life, that would be enough. As I closed my eyes, I began connecting to my breath and allowed these beautiful words to flow through me. With each verse said, I sensed my heart becoming full of thankfulness. When I opened my eyes, it is as if I have opened my eyes for the very first time. I am so grateful to be alive to witness the wonder, the awe, the beauty of this life. This is one of the best gratitude meditations I’ve ever heard and one that I will listen to again and again. Thank you! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️