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Short Body Scan

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Jiva Masheder
Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Teacher
The body is a great place to rest our attention, a respite and rest from the endless whirling thoughts. It's also really important to tune in and know what's happening in our emotional world, so we can be kind to ourselves if there's difficulty there or appreciate it when there's joy there! With this practice, we are getting in touch with the sensations in the body - not the thoughts, just the feelings.
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4 reflections
Body scan
My body scan makes me feel relax on this spring day it so nice outside & I am really relaxing 😌
Spring is here
Blue skies & Birds are singing the sun is out it nice relaxing spring day
Body Scan
Going through each part of your body and recognizing how it feels, not focusing so much on the thoughts that come, really make me notice where most of my tension is in my body. Breathing throughout this exercise helps me to release the tension I notice.
Mini body scan
Great to come out of the madness of the day and into my body as I scanned down
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