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Shifting Core Beliefs

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This somatic meditation practice helps us to shift our identification with limiting core beliefs. Core beliefs influence how we perceive the world, so shifting the limiting core beliefs has a big ripple effect on our daily life.
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Mary Jane
I am enough
Me awareness of both “I am not enough” at the same time as “I am enough just as I am” was staring at each other with “I am enough just as I am” becoming highlighted. I suddenly felt I did not need to get out and go buy or do anything to make myself better.
Day 1
When I told myself , I wasn’t enough ,my brain said” No. You are enough ! I’m enough
This morning;
I woke up feeling a lot of unexpected anxiety and imagined stress this morning so instead of doing what I usually do which is distract myself from it in anyway possible, I actually decided to sit with the feeling and study it, and to try learning from it in order to shift it into a better version… this was an absolutely beautiful way of doing that today & thanks to this recording I feel so much better and I feel like I can actually face the day feeling like I am actually enough and I am worthy, thank you so much for this recording 💓
the message in this practice is VERY important as we often define ourselves with the negative core beliefs. but we DO NOT HAVE TO 😉
I want to be enough.
I want to get past the captivity of negativity. I want to believe that I can succeed in building a meaningful relationship. I want to know it’s not impossible for me. I can’t really explain how or why, but going through this practice for the first time today, I felt a little happier, and got a bit teary eyed in the end. I can’t know what will happen tomorrow, but I want to come back to this feeling again.
Did not help me
My core belief is I’m too much. Too emotional. Too loud. Too EVERYTHING. This exercise did not help me because when I came up with an opposite belief, I did not believe it, so it just frustrated me and I let myself become saddened. Not good for me.
Shift of core belief
My core belief that I am not lovable was noticeably felt in my throat… huge lump and heard to breathe with feeling of tears close behind. Shift to I am lovable was felt in my stomach with a feeling of openness that felt radiating from the centre outward and it felt light. Good exercise- appreciate it!
Tension in my neck and shoulders when I don’t think I’m good enough or enough. When I switch the belief to a more positive I am enough exactly as I am right now, I feel the tension melt away. This meditation is now in my meditation rotation. Thank you!
Constructive core belief
I noticed that my constructive core belief was able to physically push out the sensation of my limiting core belief. It was fascinating!
Hard to surmise how powerful the mind can be
I learned that as quickly as it can sometimes be tamed it doesn’t take long to strip the strengths away and tumble
Sensing the core beliefs as physical manifestations
By sensing the negative unhelpful core belief, feeling it’s weight and edges in my body whilst I am relaxed ( it felt old and weighty, like a decaying trunk taking up space throughout my chest, abdomen and pelvis) and then sensing what the opposite affirmation brought and combining the two to rest together, it was near impossible for the negative to stay so weighted in my being as the affirmations lifted it out and caressed it with light changing the entire shape and feeling. Quite beautiful to witness/sense. Namaste x
I did this during my morning yoga stretching and felt more in tuned with my body
I learned that I can focus and not rush through my morning practice just to get through it. My body likes to reflect on me.
Shifting Core Beliefs
I AM a good person & I deserve better.From childhood to marriage, to my relationships after J’s death I have chosen people that would NOT treat me as I deserve. I give them ALL & they shit on me. I must enjoy being the victim, even though it is self destructive. I help the needy to the point of bringing them into my home. I have had my checkbook stolen which is a major hassle. Bob stole my house keys. Dan broke my heart & treated me like his personal whore. I AM a good person with bad judgement. I want to help people but I go about it all wrong. God is trying to guide me but I don’t understand. Please God help me before it’s too late.🙏🥲
Core beliefs
Shifting my core beliefs seems like quite a task. But yet, not really if I am open to it. Mindful. Centered. Clear.