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Shifting A Stuck Habit

23 Min
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Arielle Hecht
Spiritual Connection Teacher
This guided practice is designed to help you shift a stuck pattern or habit. In Sanskrit, we would call this a sanskar, which means, a deep pattern within the soul. In order to change a negative pattern or habit that just won’t shift, I recommend listening to this meditation daily, or several times a week. By returning again and again to the consciousness of releasing the old energy from your mind and body, you will find the pattern lifting. By releasing and surrendering it, you become free.
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I learned how to separate my Sanskra/habit of ruminating over past hurt and give it up to the divine.
Marques Pizarro
Renewed Identity
I learned that I am not my habits and behaviors. The specific habit I have given away was my routine of being immature when it’s inappropriate. I replace this with more listening, more thinking, and more presence. I feel renewed, a better and brighter me.
Acknowledging and recognizing the negative patterns that overwhelm is the first step towards letting them go. Thank you for guiding us towards the light.