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Shift Energy And Emotions With Movement

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We often hold stored emotions and energy in our bodies. This movement meditation invites you to tune into your body, stretch and release stored feelings and energy, and move freely to shift out of old patterns. A beautiful way to start a new day or shift your energy and mindset. Reconnect with yourself and feel energized and renewed.
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3 reflections
Feels great to move
Finally some gentle stretches which I’m actually capable of doing with my chronic pain snd physical limitations. Thank you for thinking of those of us who are very limited in this way. It felt great to finally be able to move in a way that felt good and didn’t cause me more intense pain and frustration to try to follow along.
Releasing emotions through movement
I really enjoyed this meditation. I did it in the morning to start my day. Feeling connected to my body and bringing the awareness to the parts of my body where I feel emotional tension or immobilization and then moving through that tension and practicing letting it go. It feels wonderful to get reconnected to my emotions and body this morning. Thank you 🙏🏼
Released emotion
Really good x felt great x my heart felt better xx I need to do this every day to remind myself Xxc