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Shamanic Journey: Removing Your Heart Wall

13 Min
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Dr. Toni
Physical Therapist, Energy Practitioner
Great as a follow up to "Shamanic Journey: Healing the Heart" A heart wall is a metaphorical blockade created from trapped emotions that are used to stop you from getting your heart broken. It is usually put in place over time due to emotional trauma. While it is good to guard your heart, a heart wall stops others from getting too close, keeps you “hidden” in your relationships, and generally creates a dam to toxic emotions and thoughts. All of these things can stop you from properly processing your hurt feelings and can get in the way of you having meaningful, healthy relationships. This guided journey is designed to remove your heart wall piece by piece while helping you process through any trapped emotions and thought patterns. Guided Shamanic Journeys are tools for healing, cleansing, and empowerment. This practice can be used once or many times as a way to bring healing to the heart.