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Shamanic Journey: Removing Your Heart Wall

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Dr. Toni
Physical Therapist, Energy Practitioner
Great as a follow up to "Shamanic Journey: Healing the Heart" A heart wall is a metaphorical blockade created from trapped emotions that are used to stop you from getting your heart broken. It is usually put in place over time due to emotional trauma. While it is good to guard your heart, a heart wall stops others from getting too close, keeps you “hidden” in your relationships, and generally creates a dam to toxic emotions and thoughts. All of these things can stop you from properly processing your hurt feelings and can get in the way of you having meaningful, healthy relationships. This guided journey is designed to remove your heart wall piece by piece while helping you process through any trapped emotions and thought patterns. Guided Shamanic Journeys are tools for healing, cleansing, and empowerment. This practice can be used once or many times as a way to bring healing to the heart.
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It’s understandable that we want to protect our heart. But, too much protection can lead us living with our heart blocked off from others. In this healing meditation, we begin by letting go of anything that no longer serves us and then through shamanic journeying, we find, explore and heal the wall around our heart. Getting comfortable, I began shaping my breath to a 7:7:7 ratio, where I inhaled to a count of 7, paused for a count of 7 and exhaled to a count of 7. Letting go of anything that no longer served me, I became a blank slate ready to be filled and illuminated. Visualizing this purifying white light at my crown and then flowing throughout my body, I felt cleansed of any and all negative energy. Visualizing earth’s energy moving on up and through my feet all the way to the my crown, I felt wrapped in love. Grounded, cleansed and wrapped in love, my chakras began beating to my own heartbeat, their light getting bigger and bigger until it expanded beyond this body of mine. Finding myself surrounded by this chakra bubble of sorts, I felt safe and protected to go on a little journey. Bringing awareness to my heart chakra, I saw a green flame glowing in the shape of a door. Eager to see what was on the other side, I decided to walk through. Entering my beautiful inner sanctuary, I felt at home. Out of nowhere, a rabbit showed up and led me to my heart. Seeing a stone wall around my heart, I knew that it had been sheltered from others for far too long. Listening to the rabbit, I grabbed a stone out of the wall and read the inscription on it. It said the word, hurt. Reliving the first time I was introduced to this emotion, my stomach felt in knots. Placing this inscription in a fire, I watched as the flames became bigger and then withered down to ashes. Placing these ashes onto the surface of a nearby river, I watched the current take them downstream. Feeling the knots in my stomach unravel, the rabbit and I walked back to the wall. Noticing that a huge portion of it had crumbled from taking out that one stone earlier, my heart was no longer blocked. Going back to that time in which I felt hurt for the first time, I noticed that emotion gone from that experience. Free from that trapped emotion, my heart is open, shining with light. What a beautiful experience! Thank you! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I recently lost my fur baby to Kidney Disease on 9/8. I am overwhelmed with sadness. I believe Bebe’s always been my sweet guardian angel, this process is really going to help my tear down all the emotions that have built up over her loss and from so many heart breaks in my life. Thank you for this gift.
My emotion that was trapped in my stone heart wall was fear...there was so much I will have to do this a number of times. This meditation is extremely powerful. Thankyou for showing me I had a heart wall...interestingly my heart shaped salt lamp blew this is broken completely not just the globe...time for new healing energy. I had no idea my heart had suffered so much heart ache until now. Thankyou!💔
I have an issue with my heart. I know my doctor can treat the physical heart; I’m trying to heal and nurture the emotional and spiritual heart. This helps
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