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Shamanic Journey: Healing the Inner Child

12 Min
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Dr. Toni
Physical Therapist, Energy Practitioner
The inner child is a reflection of who we were in full innocence and joy. It is the aspect of you that does not judge, but embraces the truth of who you really are. Unfortunately this aspect of you sometimes gets wounded--physically, mentally, and/or emotionally due to abuse, trauma, unhealthy relationships etc. Use this guided shamanic journey as a way to connect with your inner child and release the hold that any traumatic event may have on you, the adult. Guided Shamanic Journeys are tools for healing, cleansing, and empowerment. This practice can be used once or many times as a way to bring healing to the wounded inner child.
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5 reflections
This was definitely one of the most powerful inner child healings I've done. I felt the emotion of this exercise & the release of acknowledging my younger self. Thank you!
Amazing Journey
Bringing in love and joy on my inhale and letting go of anything that no longer served me on my exhale, my breath became an anchor to the present moment. Memorized by the beat of drums in the background, a white light appeared at my crown and went down my body into the earth. Grounded, the earth sent me its energy of love. Wrapped up in the energy of love, I saw my chakras glow and become bigger beyond my body. Illuminating with light, I saw a door appear at my solar plexus and walked through it. Appearing at my sacred place, I immediately felt safe, loved and filled with warmth. I walked down a path and saw a boat docked on a river up ahead. Reaching the boat, I was greeted by my guide and decided to get on it. Beginning to go downstream, I looked out to the surrounding landscape and saw past events of my life play out. Reaching the shore, I got off and saw the first time I was traumatized. Seeing my inner child standing next to me, I saw the look on her face as that traumatic scene played out. I could sense sadness, fear and an overwhelming sense of unworthiness in her eyes. Seeing her in this way, I sensed anger growing in me. Anger for abandoning her and allowing her to feel this way. Out of my pocket, I gave her the gift of love, the gift of courage and the gift of worthiness. Seeing her eyes light up with joy, I saw a golden light appear ahead. Sensing the energy of this golden light drown out the traumatic scene, I looked over to where my inner child was and was surprised to see my adult self standing there instead. Looking into her eyes, I sensed how confident and fearless she was. Merging with her, I sensed those qualities grow within. Getting back on the boat, I went back upstream to the dock. Thanking my guide for this amazingly profound experience, I walked up the path and through the door. Back in my body again, I sensed my breath. Opening my eyes, I sensed an immense gratitude in my heart. Thank you, Dr. Toni! What an amazing journey! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Healing ❤️‍🩹
Definitely an incredible journey, worth saving to a permanent list!
While the expertise of the therapist may seem unrelated, I have to admit that underestimated her. Sorry for this Dr. Toni, this was definitely one of the best meditation journeys I’ve ever been through. Thank you!
Feeling the connection to my inner child & feeling the comfort she needed was life altering. This meditation was a blessing.
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