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Shamanic Journey: Healing the Heart

13 Min
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Dr. Toni
Physical Therapist, Energy Practitioner
In this Journey, you will be traveling to the heart center. In this space, you will discover any barriers that stop you from expressing love and receive a gift from Spirit to bring healing. Journeying is a form of trancework that takes you from the ordinary 3D realm into the non-ordinary realms and beyond. In the beginning, journeying will feel very much like meditation. Your imagination will be the source of every image that you see. With practice, you will begin to transition your meditations into trancework. You will begin to notice how landscapes begin to change around you, animals that you would have never thought to dream up appear to bring you messages. You will begin to feel more like you are exploring a new world versus creating it with your thoughts. This is when the real magic begins. This is when you have learned how to open your awareness beyond your physical body to explore the world of Spirit. This is the true Journey.