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Shamanic Journey: Connecting to Abundance

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Dr. Toni
Physical Therapist, Energy Practitioner
Abundance is a state in which your most basic human needs in every area of your life--relationships, career, physical, emotional and mental health are not just being met, but are thriving. This guided journey is designed to help you find emotional blockages in your stream of abundance and remove them.
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Still pond
I’ve never actually seen my blockages before but in this meditation I saw this small blackened still pond with my reflection coming back at me...very powerful indeed. Need to clean this out!! Thankyou so much!💝
Not a fan
Voice and message feels like I am in a classroom being lectured to.
Fresh Eyes
Dr. Toni says abundance is a state in which our basic needs in every area of our life are not just being met, but are thriving. As we experience difficulties in life, it can be quite easy for blocks to develop and thus, alter our perception and reception of material wealth. In this meditation, Dr. Toni takes us on a drum journey where our blockages are revealed to us by our spirit guides. Listening to their wisdom, we release the blocks. Following Dr. Toni’s guidance, I shaped my breath to a 7:pause:7 ratio, meaning I inhaled to a count of 7, paused for a few seconds and then released my breath to a count of 7. After a few rounds of shaping my breath in this manner, I allowed my breath to go back to its normal rhythm. Feeling a white light begin at my crown and journey throughout my body, I let go of any negative energy I had and gave it to earth. In return, earth gave me its love by wrapping my body with warmth. Feeling safe and grounded, my chakras lit up and extended beyond my body. Surrounded by a rainbow bubble, I became memorized by a vibrant yellow light. Seeing a door all of the sudden appear at this vibrant yellow light, my solar plexus, I walked through it and entered my sacred place. Surrounded by the beauty of a Japanese garden, I found myself on a path, hearing birds chirping as they flew overhead. I smelled the sweet nectar of the flowers as I felt a warm breeze on my skin. Following the path, I began to walk down a hill until a body of water appeared. Seeing my reflection in this pond, I listened to Dr. Toni explain what we see as our body of water represents how we are feeling inside and thus, any blockages we have will be revealed to us. Noticing that I saw my reflection in my body of water, I thought to myself I must be calm inside. However, around the edges of this pond, I saw there were pockets of stagnant water. Surrounded by my spirit guides, I asked them to reveal any blockages. Given their wisdom in response, I cleared the blockages. Feeling free of any blockages, I thanked my guides and walked back up the hill towards the yellow door. Walking through it, I found myself back in my body where I felt the sensations of breathing. Relaxing in the rhythm of my breath, I opened my eyes and sensed a freshness all around me. With fresh eyes, my perception is clear and free of any negativity. Filled with gratitude, I am now ready to take on my day. Thank you, Dr. Toni! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
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