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Settling Before Sleep Meditation 1 (Using Phrases)

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Carla-Jo Geraghty
Mindfulness Teacher and Mentor
In the first of this 3 part series, Carla-Jo helps you to begin to settle your body and mind so you can feel in a place of calm to help you have a restful sleep. In this eight and a half minute meditation we begin with settling the body, finding an area of comfort/safety within that we can use as our home base. Then we move onto reciting some simple phrases such as 'may I feel safe and protected'. We finish with some gratitude practice.  To find out more about Carla-Jo and her work please see carlajo-mindfulness.com Please note: If you are struggling with your mental health it's really important to seek professional help. These meditations are not a substitute for that but can be used along side therapy to help you.  Photo by Ann Savchenka on Unsplash
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2 reflections
Hey, my dear
I feel better, it does a great job changing your energy from “don’t wanna sleep wanna Netflix” to actual readiness for rest. The phrases are great! And I love her voice, I strained and very pleasant
I feel very relaxed. I will practice this again when I get into bed. My thoughts and fears love to take over my brain when I get into bed. Goodnight.
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