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Settle Thoughts

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
It is easy to get caught up in our thoughts, which can lead to stress and distraction from what is important. This guided meditation invites you to let your thoughts settle - like snow in a snow globe - and return to your innate state of clarity and calm.
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17 reflections
The Space Between Thoughts
I’ve never considered the space between thoughts. I always felt you had a clear mind or not but the mind is never completely clear and focusing on the space in between allows me to be ok with the clutter while at the same time removing it.
Movement Of Thoughts
I learned to observe the movement of thoughts by visualizing my thoughts as snowflakes in a snowbol. Instead of being sucked up in my own thoughts and getting emotional, I could distance myself by observing through this mindful method.
I felt the separation between mind and body. As I focused on breathing, I felt my body and the breath traveling through. When I focused on my thoughts, I didn’t feel my body.
Had a nice Saturday
Headed to bed, ready to rest. Nice to get to listen to Cassandra tonight! 1) my mother is visiting from her new home on Oahu for a week or so 2) had the opportunity to visit a new fall event today with my wife and kids 3) planning several fun local adventures with mom while she’s visiting Have a wonderful Sunday tribe!
Settle Thoughts
Although this is a very good meditation and Cassandra presents it in a very calming manner, I discovered that my thoughts are much like a squirrel, running all over the place this morning. I clearly needed this meditation and will try it again, later.
i felt relaxed and settled. not as much racing and over thinking in my head as before i started.
Snow Globes ❄️
I have always loved the analogy of our thoughts being akin to snow globes. ❄️ Sometimes the globe is calm and clear, sometimes the “snow” is swirling like a nor’easter in full force. And such are our thoughts. But if we take a few minutes to focus on our breath, our thoughts will begin to calm and even settle. I realized after completing the meditation that I had done it three months ago and had commented that my mind was like a squirrel🐿, dashing to and fro. This morning, the “globe of my thoughts” was much calmer with only an occasional thought floating by before settling. Is it just a good day or the benefit of 184 consecutive days of meditation?
Time flew by
I always know when a meditation is really geared toward my needs when 10 mins feels like 2. This was so soothing.
Love this meditation and Cassandra is my favourite healer on here :)
Love it
I have saved this one and use it often. Cassandra has been one if my favorite to follow, her practices are definitely geared to my needs
My thoughts definitely slowed and I felt so much more at ease
Space between thoughts
Loved the snow globe analogy, finding a way to find and increase space between thoughts is empowering
A Favourite
I’ve not felt calm, and my mind has been racing for the past few days. After this meditation, this is the calmest I’ve felt all week. Thank you.
I love the idea of looking at the space between my thoughts, to help me feel more peaceful. My thoughts about work and buying a new house and having enough money have been flitting around, making my gut ache. This helps.
Settling down tonight
I have no thoughts right now. My mind is calm, serene. I feel at peace. It's quiet. I am relaxed. As I write this I can hear the cicadas in the pond outside my window. Your voice and gentle nature are just right. I was calm from the beginning of this session. So there were no snowflakes floating in my snow globe. They were all settled on the bottom gently. I feel perfect. I'm going to go to bed soon. Thank you.
It’s a process
Still not as calm as I hoped to be but getting there.. For the last week or so I’ve been feeling completely overwhelmed with everything happening in my life. i’m trying my best to settle down but it hasn’t been easy. Hopefully this helps
Not for me
This didn’t relax or calm me. It almost felt chaotic. Switching from focusing on the breath to the thoughts or the space between thoughts and back to the your breathing. I couldn’t focus on being calm. Also, it abruptly ended as she was speaking.