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Settle Racing Thoughts

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This extended guided meditation helps the listener deal with racing thoughts, by redirecting attention and focusing on the breath and body.
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Nadir A.
Only once you try to focus on a (.)
Focused on a point or breathing or even a train of thoughts. Your mind would feel confused and wandering away from what you were focused and concentrating about. So it’s a mind challenge that requires lots and lots of practice. And finally you only become a leader once you have fully learnt how to loose.
Natural Wanderlust
I usually feel frustrated at my thoughts desire to stray or let their straying become a frenzy. Simply counting and noticing this when it is necessary to focus is a more gentle guide towards discipline than scolding myself for a short attention span. Otherwise, I am grateful for a curious, active mind.
Focus ...
On two things at once! Palms of hands and Breath at the same time. I liked this meditation very much and want it to be a go-to for practicing focus.
very effective
I like the effect of concentrating on the breath and palms of your hands at the same time really quiets the mind
Although this wasn’t a sleep meditation, I used it before going to sleep as that is when my overthinking brain goes into overdrive and often I am unable to focus on what the sleep meditation is even saying. So this was simple yet giving effective tools to shift my focus and awareness and help to calm my overactive brain. It lets you know it’s ok for your mind to drift and yet brings you back with simple things to focus on as in counting your breaths backwards from 10 and focusing on how the palms of your hands feel. I imagine that should my overactive mind go into anxiety at waking moment’s that these techniques will be beneficial to calm and settle my mind also. So glad that I gave this a listen and until I have practiced enough to be making regular use of this alone, having the calming soothing voice of guidance will be a regular meditation I think.
New discovery
By the end of the meditation when we were told to focus on our hands and breath, I noticed my body was actually breathing on its own. Like I didn’t have to do the act of breathing consciously I was just observing it breath. And I could feel the blood and the air pumping in my whole body. Amazing it’s the first time this happens
Mind palms thoughts breath
Not a fix tux but a focus that is friendly ever present doable and enjoyable.
To focus on two pieces of my body like my breathe and my palms
Focus by two,
I found this meditation exhilarating and practical…loved the hands used as a mooring along with the duel focus upon the breathe became an invitation of a serene warmth…very connected feeling. Gentle!
The palms
I learned that my palms and hands feel good when my attention is set on them. They almost sometimes feel magical. As if I can transfer the good feeling of them to other things and sense when other things may already be charged with an energy. It never occurred to me to focus on my palms to curb racing thoughts though. Thanks!
Racing thoughts
This really helped my busy mind slow down. Breathing and palms was brilliant at focusing the mind. Palms were hot and held the energy.
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