Sprouting into Spring
As I settled in my chair outside, I felt the coolness of air on my skin. Taking in a few deep breaths in through the nose, I felt my chest, ribs and belly expand. With every exhale, I let go with a big audible sigh out of my mouth. Allowing everything that wasn’t serving me felt so good! Feeling fresh and new, I brought my hands to my heart to sense what it desired during this spring. I immediately felt an expansion in my heart center. As I sensed this amazing expansiveness, these words came to mind: I am sprouting goodness in everything I do and everywhere I go. As I breathed life into this seed, I saw it sprout and bloom into a beautiful sunflower. While looking at the intricate design of this sunflower, I am reminded of the power that is all around me. Indeed, I will use this power to fuel and guide me out of my comfort zone during this season. Sprouting into spring, I am abundantly aware and awake. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️