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Sense Yourself Floating

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
One of the most direct ways to quiet the mind and relax the body is to sense yourself floating. This meditation uses awareness-based guidance to shift yourself into a quiet and relaxed state.
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11 reflections
Good enough meditation however this woman specifically sounds as if she's doing a bsd interpretation of a accent; just can't take her seriously and relax. Oi vey.
Day 1
This made me feel very relaxed and her voice accompanied with the imagery with her words, was soothing to some extent.
Internal distraction
Massive 2 day headache made concentrating very difficult😢 However , the meditation actually seemed to help even though I wasn’t able to give it my full attention.
Weightless in the space around me
This was a very different meditation experience and I was able to feeling the space all around me. It felt like the bed and my body became one. There was no pressure like there usually is and I felt weightless. When it came to floating in the space around me, I just couldn’t make it happen. I’m still pleased with what did happen and will try this one another time.
I drift
I’m in my sphere I drift out the window, enclosed in warmth but With a sense of wonder. A soft glowing light surrounds me and brightens the area I drift over, paddocks, ponds, trees, I spiral upwards. An ocean spreads below, undulating, liquid darkness and another beckons above me. I move faster, individual stars blur into single white lines, shooting past, twirling and twisting these lights engulf me. I close my eyes and I have stopped, before me are spiralling galaxies, the universe laid bare. My breath has stopped, trapped in my throat and tears track down my face ... oh that I should be gifted with such a sight. I breath and the ballet of the stars continue their journey onwards, a snapshot in my minds eye the only memory I take away with me. I am in my bed but yet I am out there moving with the universe in her unending trek through the skies.
Floating in a sphere
Very relaxing. I would like to repeat with 7 min version of this mediation.
Floating 💫 🌊
The serenity of this meditation coupled with Cassandra’s soothing voice inspired a deep sense of inner peace and wellbeing. However, try as I might, I couldn’t stay floating within the sphere of space. I kept finding myself floating on water, which for me, a former swimmer and lover of water, who has spent countless hours floating, was ideal; so I finally relaxed and went with that mode of floating.
I am going to try this again tonight. I was definitely not in a relaxed state when I attempted this. I immediately went to water floating but, as the session progressed, I began to leave the water behind. However, where that leaves me at this time regarding this, I surely don’t know. So, hopefully with a bit of peace, a second attempt will let me know where I am.
I tried this again this morning. I no longer felt as though I was floating on water. I did feel as though I was floating somewhat for a bit but it certainly didn’t last long. I am disappointed because I feel like I could do it but I am unable. Life has been difficult, peace is extremely hard to come by right now, and I do not feel able to do this meditation at this time. I will try this again in the new year after our life hopefully calms down. If anyone is able to do this, I would love for you to let me know.🙏🏻
Do the float
Nice but I haven't quite lifted off yet, should go for the seven minute countdown.
Love this... I could really sense myself floating. It was very relaxing to feel so weightless.
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