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Sense Yourself Floating

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
One of the most direct ways to quiet the mind and relax the body is to sense yourself floating. This meditation uses awareness-based guidance to shift yourself into a quiet and relaxed state.
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30 reflections
Good enough meditation however this woman specifically sounds as if she's doing a bsd interpretation of a accent; just can't take her seriously and relax. Oi vey.
Day 1
This made me feel very relaxed and her voice accompanied with the imagery with her words, was soothing to some extent.
Internal distraction
Massive 2 day headache made concentrating very difficult😢 However , the meditation actually seemed to help even though I wasn’t able to give it my full attention.
Weightless in the space around me
This was a very different meditation experience and I was able to feeling the space all around me. It felt like the bed and my body became one. There was no pressure like there usually is and I felt weightless. When it came to floating in the space around me, I just couldn’t make it happen. I’m still pleased with what did happen and will try this one another time.
I drift
I’m in my sphere I drift out the window, enclosed in warmth but With a sense of wonder. A soft glowing light surrounds me and brightens the area I drift over, paddocks, ponds, trees, I spiral upwards. An ocean spreads below, undulating, liquid darkness and another beckons above me. I move faster, individual stars blur into single white lines, shooting past, twirling and twisting these lights engulf me. I close my eyes and I have stopped, before me are spiralling galaxies, the universe laid bare. My breath has stopped, trapped in my throat and tears track down my face ... oh that I should be gifted with such a sight. I breath and the ballet of the stars continue their journey onwards, a snapshot in my minds eye the only memory I take away with me. I am in my bed but yet I am out there moving with the universe in her unending trek through the skies.
Floating in a sphere
Very relaxing. I would like to repeat with 7 min version of this mediation.
Floating 💫 🌊
The serenity of this meditation coupled with Cassandra’s soothing voice inspired a deep sense of inner peace and wellbeing. However, try as I might, I couldn’t stay floating within the sphere of space. I kept finding myself floating on water, which for me, a former swimmer and lover of water, who has spent countless hours floating, was ideal; so I finally relaxed and went with that mode of floating.
I am going to try this again tonight. I was definitely not in a relaxed state when I attempted this. I immediately went to water floating but, as the session progressed, I began to leave the water behind. However, where that leaves me at this time regarding this, I surely don’t know. So, hopefully with a bit of peace, a second attempt will let me know where I am.
I tried this again this morning. I no longer felt as though I was floating on water. I did feel as though I was floating somewhat for a bit but it certainly didn’t last long. I am disappointed because I feel like I could do it but I am unable. Life has been difficult, peace is extremely hard to come by right now, and I do not feel able to do this meditation at this time. I will try this again in the new year after our life hopefully calms down. If anyone is able to do this, I would love for you to let me know.🙏🏻
Do the float
Nice but I haven't quite lifted off yet, should go for the seven minute countdown.
Love this... I could really sense myself floating. It was very relaxing to feel so weightless.
Sense Yourself Floating
Imagine yourself from any thoughts or worries. This meditation makes your body so calm and relaxed. You truly get the sensation that you are weightless and floating...drifting off into a deep sleep. 😴
Walter J
Sensing the open space all around me tipped me off that I was already floating or more accurately Soaring, like Superman, head first on my belly in the air! No audible sounds as I cruised along at various speeds. Starting slow until I was comfortable that I could stop when I wanted to and then was able to go at blazing speeds ending up in outer space ... until I realized I did not know where I was... (FYI - there were no GPS or road signs out there in space) so I looked for my bed and found it & luckily here I am able to tell of my adventure. Thanks Cassandra for a great journey! 💚🌌🍀
When I focus on what’s around me I can forget about what is going wrong and feel as though I’m just floating away
#so relaxing
I felt like I was really floating in water. It helped me breathe and remain so calm. It relaxed me so so much I think her voice is very calming.
I am at peace floating in my surroundings. I really love the background music and sounds!
This was a great one! I felt so calm And relaxed it really got me comfortable
It felt unreal
Wow! I listened to the record standing outside at 3 AM, where there was only me, birds chirping and skies moving above. I felt I was a part of the world around me, unbelievable feeling! Thank you for that experience!
Our perception is our reality.
I can observe and reflect outside of my body. Space and time are ultimately relative to perception as well.
Clarity and balance
I feel amazing after this meditation. Life has got a little hectic for me and I messed up the routine of exercise and meditation I had down pat. Taking a moment after moving my body to just breath and listen felt sooo amazing! I feel refreshed, calm, centered, balanced and more connected with myself than I have in the past week or so. I am so grateful for the time I set aside to benefit me today. Beyond blessed☺️😁
This meditation was the perfect addition after my morning yoga session. Laying on my yoga mat, in corpse pose position, I begin to focus on my breath using a diaphragmatic breathing technique which feels very natural. Feeling the rise and fall of my stomach is soothing to me. It is also helping to soften any areas of tension I am feeling within my body. Listening to Cassandra’s voice which I admit is faint in the background as I am continuing to focus on my breath which is creating a relaxing response, she guides me to visualize the space between my body and the ground. In this space, I am visualizing I am in a sphere floating through space seeing the stars. I really enjoyed listening to this session since it had less guidance with it. It did just the trick to help soften the areas of my body that still had a little tightness leaving me feeling relaxed.
True love
I learned that love means many different feelings with calm, passion, patience and Caring we will get the joy and the max of it...
Imagine yourself floating
I felt so relaxing and calm after that i imagine really like floating
Good Sense
Meditation taught how to sense my own emotions and other people’s emotions. When I’m in a room with my friends I can always sense when one of them is sad or feeling another emotion. I have a better understanding about other people’s emotions and mine as well. A piece of advice I can everyone is to always help people rather then ignore them because ignoring people’s negative emotions makes them think you don’t care. I care about the people in my life
It was so relaxing to feel like I was floating above the ground. I really did feel myself off the ground.
Sense Yourself Floating
What a peaceful way to start my day! Such a simple process. Thank you for teaching me this valuable lesson.
It truly works to soothe and calm. I had a wonderful feeling afterwards.
jess 🧡
this meditation allowed me to be aware of all of my surroundings, kind of placing me in a sphere just floating around in my environment
Relaxing my jaw and then diving in to this three-dimensional four dimensional experience with my body and space felt natural inviting a new way to relax. Thank you
jess 🧡
i loved this meditation. it allowed me to sense the space all around me and feel as if i am floating through this space