Showered with Love
Seeing glamour everywhere we look, people, we can have a hard time accepting our flaws, body, let alone ourselves as a person. This is especially true for women. However, everyone is perfectly imperfect. Once we learn that and truly take those words to heart, we can begin to accept ourselves, loving ourselves just the way we are. In this beautiful meditation, we get present with our breath and then visualize ourselves in a field of green while allowing the rain drops to shower us with love. Getting comfortable, I brought my curiosity to feeling my breath as it went in and out through my nose. With my awareness on my breath, my body naturally released any tension and relaxed. Using the power of my mind, I visualized myself standing in a field of green. Feeling the sun soaking my skin with warmth and a slight breeze sending fragrant smells of flowers nearby to my nose, this place truly felt like heaven on earth. Looking up into the sky, I noticed clouds rolling in. It wasn’t long thereafter that I began feeling the slight coolness of raindrops dancing on my skin. Smiling, I spread my arms out from either side while holding my head back towards the sky. With my heart open to receive, I heard beautiful words coming from Katie’s lips to my heart. Showered with these beautiful words of love, compassion and acceptance, one word came to mind: wholesome. Showered with love, I know my worth is not conditional. Showered with love, I allow my heart to lead the way and speak to the hearts of others. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️