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Shower Yourself with Love

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Katie Krimitsos
Creator, Women's Meditation Network
Let the love wash over you, beautiful. You are an amazing woman of light. Just the way you are right now. You do not need to be anything more or do anything more to be worthy of your love. You simply must receive the love you deserve. So the intention of today’s meditation is to shower yourself with love. Without conditions. Without limits. And with an immense amount of grace and tenderness.
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Showered with Love
Seeing glamour everywhere we look, people, we can have a hard time accepting our flaws, body, let alone ourselves as a person. This is especially true for women. However, everyone is perfectly imperfect. Once we learn that and truly take those words to heart, we can begin to accept ourselves, loving ourselves just the way we are. In this beautiful meditation, we get present with our breath and then visualize ourselves in a field of green while allowing the rain drops to shower us with love. Getting comfortable, I brought my curiosity to feeling my breath as it went in and out through my nose. With my awareness on my breath, my body naturally released any tension and relaxed. Using the power of my mind, I visualized myself standing in a field of green. Feeling the sun soaking my skin with warmth and a slight breeze sending fragrant smells of flowers nearby to my nose, this place truly felt like heaven on earth. Looking up into the sky, I noticed clouds rolling in. It wasn’t long thereafter that I began feeling the slight coolness of raindrops dancing on my skin. Smiling, I spread my arms out from either side while holding my head back towards the sky. With my heart open to receive, I heard beautiful words coming from Katie’s lips to my heart. Showered with these beautiful words of love, compassion and acceptance, one word came to mind: wholesome. Showered with love, I know my worth is not conditional. Showered with love, I allow my heart to lead the way and speak to the hearts of others. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Listening to the sound of the words as I begin to deal with self-doubt. I struggle every day with self-love and the need to self-destruct and sabotage everything I love because I've never felt loved by anyone in my life. Pain and rejection are all I've ever known except the unconditional love of my children and grandchild. I can not deal with past trauma however I am learning through this process of self-love and letting go of past events and Dr.’s and nurses and medical personnel who I could not trust or articulate my needs correctly. I have finally found physicians who will assist me with the tools to change my perception of the trauma caused by others which sometimes wasn't intended to be malicious.
Self Love
I learned that it starts from me. I have low self esteem and depend on others to admire me and shower me with the love I am not giving myself because then I feel worth. Today I will work on loving myself 100%. I’ve also learned and need to acknowledge that I need to be in a relationship but that relationship must be a healthy one based on mutual feelings of self love and an open heart to others.
My boy has been very strange today he’s not acting like himself he can’t seem to get comfortable matter where he lays! Very concerned about my baby you’ll be 10 next month so every day is a blessing Lord please don’t take my baby yet I need him to do it while longer
Warts and all…
None of us will ever be perfect and we are made to love, so we have to love ourselves and each other as-is or we risk never loving at all. Namaste
Love Shower
That's exactly how it felt. Like a love shower. Warm and cleansing. Thank you, Katie, for this beautiful expression of love. I could feel it deep inside me. Even the dark parts are loved! Your voice is soft and gentle. You are so kind and loving. This was a gift. You are a gift. I'm so happy and thankful for this meditation.
Loved it!
I loved all the affirmations visual thoughts. Absolutely relaxing. 
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