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Carianna Lynne
Performance Mindset Coach, Meditation
Self-love means loving and accepting yourself, your thoughts, beauty, emotions, imperfections, strengths, purpose, flaws, and your unique position in the world. It means knowing that you are worthy, valuable, and lovable - the pathway to manifesting everything else in your life. Practice getting present and seeing your true self.
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Time spent in self love
How important these practices are. Thank you for this amazing resourceful app. Aura is a treasure trove. I'm so appreciative. And I'm learning to grow and tend to this substance we call self-love. Thank you xoxox
I just gave myself a big bear hug. 🤗 A nice, long one. And to think before I began my Aura journey I never knew what I know now about loving myself. REALLY loving myself. Oh, how it's brought me such joy in this life!! The tears on my face are warm and I'm smiling as they roll down my cheeks. I'm so grateful for the abundance I continue to receive! 🥹🥹🥹
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