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Self-Forgiveness: Healing and Self-Love

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Your journey into self-forgiveness begins here: Listen to this prose meditation when you can be alone and able to reflect on your life; on what you need to forgive and on the feelings of peace that rise up, that fill your heart; that allows you to feel relief, to have comfort, to remember that you are an incredible being. "Your forgiveness becomes permission to choose the actions that will illuminate your inherent goodness." - dorothy ratusny Self-forgiveness often occurs as layers lifting from our being. You may need to forgive yourself for something now, and then recognize that there is more that you want to forgive. Please use this meditation again as a part of your journey into self-care, self-healing, and self-love. Namaste! xo
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4 reflections
Tears were shed during this one, but I felt better by the end.
I feel I will need to listen to this a few fully absorb the entirety of how to be kind and forgiving of show love to myself. This goes beyond loving allows the portals or mistakes and hurt I have expressed to not just others but by myself to open allow me to move forward with a renewed self love...Thankyou for this gift of demonstrating that I is safe for me to forgive me💝💝💝
Last week I listened to a meditation that brought up a lot of very unexpected feelings. I put my welcome mat out to let those feelings in. I realized I have been angry and disappointed with myself. The message from that session was I need to forgive myself to be able to heal. For the past week after listening to that session and journaling about it,I have had a heavy heart. Forgiveness is an area that I struggle with. Listening to Dorothy’s soothing voice along with her encouraging compassionate voice, I was able to let go to of those feelings of disappointment and anger towards myself. I felt my heart began to open with a bright light shining from within. I felt myself returning to my natural state of being love. By the end of this session, I felt like myself again. The heaviness along with the sadness is gone. I am free. Thank you so much Dorothy for creating this beautiful session! It truly made a difference for me being able to forgive myself. Anytime, I feel that heaviness in my heart because I need to forgive myself, I will return to this session.🙏
Breaking Free
Life is filled with the could’ve’s, would’ve’s and should’ve’s. Hearing that critic in ourselves, we quickly feel like we’re stuck in quicksand. Feeling stuck, we withdraw, we lose trust, we ultimately see darkness. This is the exact opposite of our true nature, which is light, seeing abundance and joy in every moment. In this very profound meditation, Dorothy takes us on the journey to self forgiveness, where we break free from the chains that keep us from living our true nature. Self forgiveness begins with self awareness. We must recognize those thoughts that do not serve our highest good and then choose to break free of those thoughts. Coming from a place of peace, of forgiveness, we begin again, allowing light to shine from our heart. Filled with thoughts of remorse and emotions of grief, my mind has been foggy for the past few weeks. Being forgetful of deadlines or when remembering them, not fully seeing the writing clearly on the wall, I find myself filled with remorse, of second guessing my every move or lack thereof. Connecting with my breath, I find the relaxing meandering flow of life. Becoming soft and fluid like a river instead of hard and rigid like a stone, I allow my body and mind to relax. Being reminded that I am not these thoughts, that mistakes do not make me, that I am not even this body, I break free, becoming one with the light that resides in my heart. Feeling peace, feeling love, I begin to forgive myself. I am reminded that my life experiences make me a better person and that all things come together for my good. Therefore, as I continue to forgive, I choose to trust in the unknown, I choose to live as love in action so I can see the good in this and all situations from here on out. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
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