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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
In meditation, we can acknowledge our need for forgiving ourselves, for acknowledging our 'humanness', and for releasing thoughts we hold that continue to cause our suffering. Let me guide you through a simple yet powerful means of 'self-forgiveness in this beautiful meditation. Let forgiveness be the way in which you honor yourself with love, compassion, patience, and kindness. In this meditation using visualization, experience the freedom that comes with love directed inward, of the generosity of spirit - in forgiveness. xo Dorothy
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This is a hard one
I have learned how to forgive others and feel pretty good about those outcomes. I know I have feelings that are self deprecating, but I have difficulty identifying them specifically. There are a few “could I be” or “should I be”, but I just don’t know. I’ve saved this meditation and each time I listen to it, will hopefully be more enlightened and mindful. Thanks Dorothy.
Love & marriage
Growing up I learned that we marry for love. Love is a feeling that changes over time. Love can help us make good decisions & bad choices. I did marry out of love the 1st time. I learned there is healthy & unhealthy love. For me the only way to decide if it is healthy or unhealthy is through integrity. Does a persons actions match the words? If the words say there is more love, I begin to question motives. Then I am faced with deciding to move with, away or against. Today I picked moving away to protect my heart. It felt good. I was able to forgive myself a little for living with an unhealthy love for 11 years. This happened because I honored my love language. I feel loved when I see service to others. Today this did not happen in one my relationships. Rather than excusing it. I stood up for what I needed. I loved myself. Which is different from my marriage.
I have never loved myself. I don’t love who I am, I don’t love where I am in my life, I don’t love how my life turned out, I don’t love my self image. I just don’t It seems so impossible, & that I will never achieve it, the ability to forgive myself. Forgive myself for never loving the person for who I am. Forgive myself for never loving, me. I strive for happiness all the time, and a lot, because I’m not happy. I’ve tried achieving it from other people, materials, etc... I’ve known deep down that nothing, and no one can give me happiness, but my own self. If I learn to forgive myself for never showing myself love, and for never loving me for who I am, I know I will finally be able to feel that true happiness, that I strive for. It’s going to be difficult, but it’s worth it. So I better start practicing this meditation a lot more, starting now.
I did it
Last time I could only think of why I needed to forgive others. This time I had several reasons I deserve forgiveness. Yea me! Progress feels good.
For myself makes me free, swift, and healthy. Guilt paralyzes me, it is a slow death. Forgiving me first allows forgiving the others to be easy. Forgiveness lets joy in the heart and the body be my natural state.
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Wondrous Wednesday 1-3-18
Being sick for me is one of the hardest things. So this meditation was real good in helping me to forgive myself for the feelings I have been feeling. I haven’t been able to take care of my uncle and he eventually went to the hospital, I am getting worse and trying to stay positive is the best way possible. Thank you, Aura! Have a nice day, Everyone!😀
Professor Guilt
Learn all you can from past mistakes Determine what caused them Refuse to ever travel down the same path again put them behind you Forgive yourself You have now graduated
A 7 minute session feels like it was a 3 minute session with unusually long and awkward breaks
A 7 minute session feels like it was a 3 minute session with unusually long and awkward breaks
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