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Self-Esteem Boost

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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide, Author, Creator, Coach
Confidence is not something that we’re born with - it is something we learn through practice. This meditation was created to help you feel stronger, more powerful and confident in your own mind, skin and spirit! You are so much more powerful and wonderful than you're giving yourself credit for. So take a few minutes to remember just how very special, needed and perfect you are, as you are in this and all moments. You are enough. Happy new now!
From the community
10 reflections
I truly myself in the mirror this meditation. I felt my loving hand and kind smile, I pictured my aura a golden sunny liquid, my hazel eyes glowing with compassion, understanding, belonging, comfort, wisdoms. I saw my skin glowing with gold. this level of transition and transformation is coming to a plateau (for now, until the next uphill climb to another cliff of transformation). I love myself, my mirror being loved myself, I get like I was looking at a future me, but I also get like the future me gazing back at my current self and I was so proud. Here is to a new year of awakening. Blessings to my Aura family 🌿
The music though
I got the confidence to stop this meditation. I experienced the background music as repetitive and annoying.
Kristen 🧘🏻‍♀️
Excellent. Reaching your full potential.
A great, positive meditation to start off the day with. I will absolutely be returning to this one later.
Malcolm Key
I felt
Good. Perfect morning mediation to get your headspace right. Helping you more clearly envision the person you wanna be while accepting that you’re perfect the way you are in the present moment. Nice. :)
Connection w My best self
Visualising my best self and being able to se how that looks and feels was great. Integration with that vision was both powerful and energising. I am going to get one step closer to my best self today.
Very well intentioned
Wonderful meditation. I ask forgiveness, sir, as the accompanying music was too distracting, too loud. Your soft-spoken voice is enough. (Perhaps, turn the music volume down by 70%) 😇❤️
No words
What I needed right now and right here and one I will return to again and again.
Boost in Confidence
Thoughts both have a physical and emotional response in our body and mind. Since we have free will and a choice in what we think about, why don’t we always think good thoughts? It’s because of our belief system held deep within our subconscious mind. Once we have made our beliefs, our beliefs make us. Becoming self-fulfilling prophecies, these beliefs form a blueprint for our mind to follow no matter if it is good or bad. Becoming our internal dialogue in how we see ourselves and the world we live in, our thoughts form our reality. Because I am participating in something at the end of the week that is extremely unfamiliar to me, I have been noticing uneasy thoughts of how I will show up to it, how it will work with my life as well as the venue itself. Knowing that I needed a boost to my confidence, I chose Bradley’s powerful meditation to begin getting myself prepared for this upcoming online silent retreat. Focusing on energy flowing up and down my spine while placing the tip of my tongue at the roof of my mouth, I inhaled with gratitude and exhaled with appreciation. Having gratitude for this breath and appreciation for everything that has come together for me to be in this moment, I smiled to myself. Visualizing the best version of myself standing in front of me, I looked deeply into her blue eyes. Seeing her smile back to me while standing tall and proud, I began adjusting my posture to match hers. Feeling her confidence radiating from her eyes, I felt an incredible pull towards her. Merging my body with hers, we became one. Realizing just how far I have come on this journey, I felt proud of myself. Feeling a boost in confidence, I thought good thoughts about myself, which lead me to look at this upcoming retreat in a different light. Thank you, Bradley! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
The Journey
Give yourself credit and praise for all that you have achieved, overcome and accomplished on your journey. Take time to reflect on how far you have come and where you are in the present moment. The journey that has shaped us into our present selves is just as important as where you are headed with your future self.
Self esteem boost....
Just lovely and beautiful at the same time. Helped me feel lifted and loved. My thank you and gratitude for such support.
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