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What Is Self-Compassion?

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Curious to know what self-compassion is? Learn the ins and outs of what self-compassion is and don't forget to check out the other sessions in this self-compassion series.
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30 reflections
What is Self compassion
Helpful reminder to be kind and understanding to myself...especially when the tendency is to self criticize or “swallow” the difficult emotions. The awareness that everyone suffers to some degree reminds me that I am not alone. 🙏🏻
Easy in concept
The idea sounds simply and easy, but why is it so difficult to treat myself the way I’d treat others? I’d extend kindness to others, but I’m very hard on myself. Working on this!
Self Compassion
This exercise was good for practicing the love for yourself and you above everything else.
Helpful with regrets
Some part of grief is regret; when it’s a parent for whom you grieve, it’s regrets - however many, however few - that stab at us as much as the feelings of loss and fear. Whether or not the person ever forgave us, it is our task to find peace, and self-forgiveness. And self-compassion is an intrinsic part of that process, or habit, or practice, or whatever you want to call it. Not sure I’m there yet with my dad, who passed away Monday morning, but I expect it will take a long time. I guess it’s recalling the events I regret, and then being mindful of his most simple “I love you”s in his last weeks. And I know that I am very lucky to have that.
Acknowledging the Struggle
A good intention for the day, to recognize when I’m struggling and mindfully work through it, rather than just pushing ahead and ignoring the difficulty to get past it. A little scary- if I don’t ignore it I fear I have a higher chance in being caught up in it, but I also have a better chance of coming to peace with whatever it is long-term. Namaste
Walter J
Unfortunately, I was struggling to hear this session clearly. I could not hear fast enough to catch everything they were saying & there seemed to be either a volume issue or background noise when recorded. I heard them define Compassion as “with pain” as in feeling the pain of another or ourselves. What I got out of it was struggling is not bad. It makes us stronger & if we pay attention, stay aware & learn while going thru it, instead of just focused on getting thru it, it can make us wiser. And to give ourselves time to grow. An acorn cannot grow into a mighty oak overnight. It takes decades of daily growth. We are similar, we must do the beneficial (& sometimes boring or painful) daily work to see the long term beneficial growth & results. ❤️🌳🍀
Calm and passion When we are with our own pain Mindfulness-noticing u are in distress without getting caught up in it Self kindness-respond to myself with kindness. Treating myself with the same kindness i treat my loved ones Acknowledge-everyone goes through hard times..i’m not alone in this
Anxious morning
I felt that I criticize my negative patterns too harshly. I also feel like I am overthinking my current condition. I have to treat myself with more kindess and recognize my patterns to change them.
Self Compassion
As an psych diagnosed empath and giver, compassion is just woven into my being. Self compassion, however, is new to me... and difficult. One day at a time...
After doing a meditation on self compassion i still fealt really bad. Combined with this short life coaching session. I felt a small weight come off my chest after being reminded that these negative feelings are a part of the human condition, we all go through it. Being reminded of that knowledge helped me to feel less alone in this and definitely took some of its power away. Thank you .
Self kindness
I realize I am less kind to myself than anyone else. I need to be more patient with myself. I need to be kinder to others as well. I need to not personalize when others are not kind to me.
Self compassion
I learned that I’m not alone in this, everyone goes thru hard times! Life may suck rite now but there’s always someone who has it worse! So instead of dwelling in my pain, why not help someone who needs it more!
As I meditated on my breath I thought about my father who has lung cancer and can hardly breathe, because his lungs are failing him. So, I feel grateful for the ability to breathe normally and feel rich and abundant. Thankful for my health. My father is wealthy with plenty of money, but means nothing anymore because his sickness keeps him from being able to enjoy his wealth. Wealth depends on what you value.
Self Compassion
Each day I am learning to treat myself like i treat others!! There was this saying my folks use to say when I was growing up and even til this day!! “Treat People How You Want To Be Treated” most times well majority of the times that is recuperated or I don’t get that treatment in return. So o find myself missing out or feeling some way due to that. When all I need is a little self LOVE 💕 that’s what it’s about. I need to look with in and stop looking for it from others! Although it would be nice LOL
I deserve love too
Can you believe it. I’m deserving of the same love I give to others
Self compassion
Not to be hard on myself. I deserve happiness. I am not alone who feels terrible on certain days. Its a part of life..
Being self compassionate
I learned that I need to treat myself as I would a loved one going through hard times. I often beat myself up and discourage myself when going through struggles. But I need to learn that everyone has self doubt, and I must tell myself as I tell others, “Don’t worry about it, everything is going to be ok, and I love you!”
An insight for me
I have to be compassionate towards myself so I can also be compassionate towards others. My lack of compassion for myself is the reason I have been perceiving other people as obstacles.
Listing names and then identifying who hasn't struggled is a cool exercise
Mindfulness, kindness and common humanity is a way of practicing self compassion
1st time on app
I feel distracted Loud kids Talking Anxiety Depression Chest pain GERD
As a Mom
I can’t always control her environment her friends her anything
Love yourself
I have to give myself love and compassion like I do with others when they are struggling in life. I have a hard time giving myself compassion. Thinking to myself, I’m fine, get over it, I shouldn’t be complaining. I need to approach myself with more understanding and recognizing why I feel this way. Learn how to love myself and find ways to make myself feel better about the situation.
I learned I never give myself the love I give others, feeling a sense of shock. You never think of the way you treat yourself because you’re too busy spreading it to others. Only to find yourself with the short end of self love
I can’t hear well I am deaf I feel all alone kids are gone and grown my guy is in jail been alone 2 and a half years best friend passed away it’s so hard
Day 1
This might be a helpful app. Still feeling angry & low. This is my 3rd dark day. Daytime is fine, evenings are blue & spent.
Self compassion
I made a list of 10 people and crossed off those whom I knew had suffered misfortune or hardship in someway. The only one left was Julie Jacobson. She is so compassionate herself, that I know she must have experienced and survived difficulties in her life. Some do a better job of hiding it. I know I have tried to hide my alcoholism, but it only feeds my pride. Honesty and self acceptance are a better road towards sobriety.
Self Compassion
What a great insight, self compassion begins when we become aware of our struggles. Be mindful
Understanding self compassion
I learned that compassion comes from two Latin words meaning with pain . Therefore, compassion literally means we share in Others’ pain. Self compassion is defined as treating yourself with the same compassion with which you would struggling loved one. Practicing self compassion is a three-part process . The first part, is acknowledging that you are struggling emotionally. Once you are aware that you were struggling call math the second part is to except this fact with kindness towards yourself and without criticizing yourself for your feelings. The final component self compassion is during knowledge that suffering is universal and then you are not alone in it. I am grateful to those who work for this app for putting this track together. The expanded definition self compassion, which this track provides , will help me to be more aware of when I need self compassion and how to apply it to my life. This is it to me, since self compassion is something with which I regularly struggle. Thank you to the community on this app for taking the time to read this post. I hope you are all OK, happy, and well.
Too fast
Ladies please if you could do this life coaching in a slower format. When talking about compassion…I believe it needs to be delivered with a calm slower way of communicating. Simply because the person receiving this information needs to absorb that feeling of empathy for self. Sometimes this cannot be done in such a hurried structured voice/manner that the actual purpose of the coaching is to lean into what self compassion actually is. Thankyou for listening.
I learned that this is what I need. I don’t need to feel bad or guilty if I show myself some self love. This is definitely something I need to work on. It makes me cry right now realizing how I’ve given so much love out there whether be it a stranger or a family but when it comes to myself, I hold back.