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Self-Compassion Break

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William James Davies, DCMT
Psychotherapist & Mindfulness Teacher
In moments of difficulty, this brief practice can make a difference: We acknowledge the difficulty, we recognize how this connects us to others, and we turn towards our experience with kindness. As a result, we no longer feel alone and isolated and can begin to turn towards our experience with kindness and acceptance.
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The best thing I've listened to so far.
I learned what to do the next time I doubt myself. This was the best thing I listened to so far on this app. It really opened my mind to being more accepting of myself. I truly recommend this.
Wise words
Mary, you are correct. This meditation is helpful. It guides you through the needed process in understandable steps that are easy to accomplish. The advice given is very good advice indeed. A help in moving through and past difficult situations and it’s good to be reminded that everyone experiences difficulties that they may need help in addressing.
Gentle words
When we doubt ourselves or feel vulnerable we may wish the ground would swallow us up and we can hide in that dark place. But should you decide that people only have the control over you that you let them then a piece of you is set free. Their barbs and jabs set to destroy you just fall to the side and you lose the need to feel accepted by them. Life is not about fitting in and being part of crowd. Never fear to be yourself, stand proud, show you have great gifts to offer and above all be kind to yourself so that kindness may grow and spread to others.
Just me?
I find that when I’m anxious or upset or in “full wallow” I don’t want to care or think about the fact that others in the world are suffering or in pain as well. It’s MY time to be sad for ME.
I learned I need to reach out for help. I don't think I deserve it is part of the problem but this helped edge me closer to believing I'm worthy.
Self compassion break
We all have difficult times in life. Realizing this, helps us to take that first step of asking others for help or advice. We all share many of the same life experiences. Reaching out to others is hard for some people. Maybe instead we should offer kindness to those struggling and take that first step for them.
Not Alone
I learned that I am not alone in this difficult time and that I have loved ones who support me
Learning self-love
Learning to be patient and kind to myself is something I am working on. Especially in times when I am struggling. This really helped me stop and give myself some credit. Life is going to be hard sometimes and I don’t have to take that as a reflection on myself all the time.
Self Compassion
This short powerful meditation is very helpful if your facing a challenge in your life or having a stressful day. It is a wonderful reminder that we are not alone in facing our daily struggles. A big thank you goes out to everyone in the Aura community that has offered me words of encouragement and kindness. 🥰🙏
I felt a release. A form of freedom and acceptance I haven’t felt in a long time.
I am worth it and amazing regardless of the weak moments. These feelings do not define me
No denial, no avoidance Self compassion Struggles connect us
Accepting myself the way I am resonated with me. Being kind to myself
I felt invisible, unloveable
I learned that I need to practice self compassion and self recognition
I learned that I'm not alone. Pain, partly, hurts because it feels like I'm divided from humanity, alone. I'm not, because we all go thru these difficulties.
I felt confused
I learned that should be kind to myself & have self love. Also I shouldn’t put so much hope into things so quickly so I won’t become disappointed if all fails 🦋
Welled up at the last part
I really came back to this feeling that I need to be a friend to myself like I would want to be for other people. This made me well up and cry little bit which was unexpected!
Self care
I was reminded that while I'm alone with my feelings at the moment I'm not alone in the world and as REM said everybody hurts sometimes. Be kind to myself when needed.
I want to save this
These clear steps will help me be not so overwhelmed in the moment. I want to listen to this each day when I rise until it becomes routine.
Lorenzo Artola
I feel refreshed, I feel less stressed and I don’t want to give myself a hard time, today I did my best and what I could and I’m not going to lower myself down when I go to sleep, instead I’ll ride my head up high for accomplishing what I could today and looking at the positives instead of the negatives
I felt a sense of confirmation . Today I wrote in my journal about being kinder to myself, so in moments I want to be hard on someone else, I remember how being kind to myself felt. So I can be humbl
When you spoke of being kind to myself I know this was what I needed to fall asleep too. Thanks
I felt at peace.
I learned that I am in alignment with self. Just have to stay in my heart space, not my head space. I actually journaled about kindness today. How in self care being kind to self first allows one to offer it to others. Listening to this before bed put me in such a grateful mood, now I can sleep peacefully. Thanks.
I felt better
Reminding myself that everyone is going through something, accepting that it’s rough time for me right now & offering myself compassion.
For the first time, I wrapped my arms around myself in an embrace and like a mother soothing her crying infant, I held myself close and gently stroked my face and my hair. I verbally acknowledged my anxiety and the physical effects that caused more anxiety and felt that burden ease somewhat when I verbalized that I was not alone. I slowed my breathing and just held onto me... no one had ever held me or comforted me during periods of anxiety when I was young. This was a good start.
First session
I felt calm and I realized there are things I can do when I’m in a bad place or suffering. I can think other thoughts. My brain is capable of great things, it was smart enough to get me my job! It’s ok, breathe and relax, all is well.
It’s been a long time since I was kind to myself I need to be kinder to myself
I really did need to place my hand on my heart I needed to be kinder to myself
I’ve been feeling down lately. Haven’t been peaceful or kind to myself. I haven’t been okay with what’s been going on. Feeling heartbroken and lost. This helped me a bit not feel so alone and to recognize my problem and struggle.
Self compassion
We can’t always be who we want to be all the time, and that’s okay. Go easy on yourself. Progress does not equal perfection.
Learning about self love
I love how freeing it is to unleash an release all the tension and anger stress anxiety feeling alone all the things that has to do with human emotions may it be negative are positive I love myself even more an experiencing those feelings I am learning to feel whole again
Being kind
Even though I feel a little behind in my efforts, I’m still being incredibly productive in achieving my goals. I need to give myself permission to not feel guilty or anxious about where I am. I am OK. I am loved and all of my needs are met.
Self Kindness
One thing preventing myself from completing tasks I don’t like is feeling bad for putting them off. Turning that around will help me get done what I want or need to do.
Physical Stress Holding
Breathing led me to relax my body, particularly my shoulders. Mentally I felt compassion for myself and forgave myself for feeling alone when something bad happened to me in the past, and now I feel more free!
Self appreciate
I must self reflect to look within and appreciate what I appreciate
I enjoy this time I spend here, it’s the only time during my entire day that’s just for me and I don’t have to do anything for anybody else, just for a few minutes. I feel much calmer, I don’t use it during the day, but I’ve noticed I feel happier during the day. I definitely sleep better. I know I’ve got a long way to go, but this is progress and as long as I’m progressing, that’s all I can ask for.
I am master of manifestation. I can do it. Blue father was on my hand 👏. Love my life.
Thank you
This was so great, I deeply appreciated and thank the qualified people who help us go through difficult times. My mind was wandering a lot because my mom is dying and I have my father and husband sick. But this helps create a little space and breathe, relax a bit.