Love and respect
Great meditation! Learning how to fill myself with positives. Negatives are not welcome. Letting go of the past. Giving myself proper care including positive affirmations. You said never give up! If one door closes, knock on the next. Part of self love is ensuring that you are in a safe space. You said something about "on the other side of fear is" and I cannot recall what words you said. Your soothing voice is wonderful. No judgment; just kindness and direction. I learned quite a bit from this. I had been feeling badly about letting myself down. I put myself in a bad situation. I was beaten horribly. I still feel badly for letting myself down. Like all my work this far is gone. Your session brought me back to now. You told me what to do. I appreciate you, Nitima. May the universe bless you with all that is good. 🙏