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Self Forgiveness Meditation

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This meditation provides an opportunity to practice self-forgiveness and increase self-acceptance.
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Sarah Elizabeth
Chipping It Away Little By Little
I love this mediation. I haven't gone a day without it, and made a habit of not going a day without it. It hits me right at home, and it's been helping me to chip away my self-hatred that I've accumulated over 24 years. When I had listened to this meditation for the first time, it honestly had made me cry. I AM a good person. It's okay to tell myself that I AM. I am ALLOWED to believe that I AM a good person. Even though my self-hatred has made me believe that I am not. I never had once thought of forgiving myself for anything. How do I do this? I'm still having a little bit more trouble with self-forgiveness. But, telling myself I Forgive Myself every day for everything that had or has gone wrong in my life, or for the reasons why I am hurting does work and help. If I continue with my habit of telling myself every day that I AM a good person and I Forgive Myself, it will get me to where I want to be, and that is to where I am finally able to fully love myself. This will help lead me out of my own unhappiness and hurt, and finally to the road to happiness.
Distractions abound...
Tried this session on the recommendation of Sarah Elizabeth. Should have given more concentration to the teaching, though.
Meditation 🧘🏽‍♂️ relieve much stress and then feel grounded again.
I’ve learned that l can too forgive myself and move forward with a fresh new start!
New start
I felt much calmer and better after this meditation. My morning was quite sad and I was unable to speak about it with my fiancé. Now I can talk about why I am sad.
relaxing session
I learned to focus on my breath and remind myself to forgive and be a good person. I wish the session had more pauses for actual meditation.
I'm feeling a little bit better
My cousin was murder last weekend I have been so stressed out I slip in to a rally bad depression I started drinking I got so drunk one night I hit my head on my friends truck and had a seizure I really thought I was going to die that night I told myself I'd better myself if I survive I woke up to my friend holding my hand and his girlfriend holding my head talking to me at that point I really thought I had nothing to live for and they told me how much they cared about me he said you just can't see it right now but you'll find the right path I have crossed alcohol out of my life completely I'm so much better this app help me a little more than I thought it would
Nice and soothing and I think a gentle reminder of what we forget sometimes.
I noticed I liked alternating affirmation with focusing on my breath.
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