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Self Care

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Nitima Priya
Holistic Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist
You can only care for others if you care for yourself. Always start with you and know the rest will fall in place. This meditation will allow you to just be and be present for yourself without any expectations or judgment, which can be a nourishing form of self-care. Sit back, be in touch with yourself, and feel alive.
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23 reflections
Caring for myself has always been difficult for me but with these gentle meditations I’m learning how. I really enjoyed this meditation. It felt so nourishing. Afterwords I remained in a very relaxed state for quite some time. This is A meditation I will return to.
Self care
Self-care feels good. Self-care is nurturing and it is OK for me to be nurtured
Caring for Oneself
Learning to be with myself is healing. In order to care for others we must first care for ourselves.
Caring for oneself
Caring for oneself requires mindfulness. I’ve never been good at caring for myself and the result is I am quite ill. Once your body deteriorates from the ravages of stress it’s very hard to reverse the damage.
Bring Your Mind Home
This is a solid 10 minute reminder to stay present. It has been a tough couple of weeks. My mind swirls. This meditation brought me home.
Being present, staying present
I kept coming back to the breath, as my mind occasionally started to wonder, to unnecessary thoughts. Focusing on the breath in and the breath out, the way my clothes felt against my skin and an occasional car passing by, we’re all ok and comforting to me. Mindfulness is being present at all times, I can’t be present for others if I can’t be present for myself. I will try very hard to be present all day wherever I go and whatever I do, but I realize this is really a challenge for me. I’m a thinker! Thanks 🙏 Aura
Being present
Relaxing with good is relieving to let the peace of sound wash over me & to notice the small things like the air hitting my skin or the sounds I hear
My breath
I’m learning how to focus on my breath and that it’s ok to drift and come back. Thinking and noticing my breath is being present with me. Very grounding.
It is so important to be present in my life. It gives me a new view of everything - including me
Self Care
Nitima delivers a wonderful message about the importance of caring for yourself. If we can’t be present for ourselves, we can’t be present for others. She talks about the importance of showing compassion and kindness to ourselves as well as just being aware. I do feel this is more of a life coaching session instead of a meditation since she talks the entire time. I hope everyone can find a little time for themselves today.
Is what this teaches me. Everything today is too fast. There is a reason it’s called “break-neck” speed. 🙏
Calmed anxiety
I have learned that I CAN bring my attention back to my breath, and back to my body. It’s taken me a lot of practice, but this meditation was a glimmer of hope. I find myself getting lost in anxious thoughts a lot of the time while meditating, and I’m so thankful for this breakthrough.
Coming Back
I didn’t want to meditate but knew I should (restless mind). This meditation helped me turn off the thoughts and just be. It is such a peaceful place when all the thoughts drift away.
Being Present
Most look at self care practices and think...well, if only I had the extra time in my day to do it, then I would. But, as Nitima explains in this profound meditation, there is a self care practice that doesn’t require any extra time or planning of any kind. This self care practice is the practice of being present. Being present is an acknowledgment or awareness of what is, an acceptance of what is and an allowance of what is. It is living in the moment, without expectation or judgment. We enter the present by focusing on one-pointedness, or rather, one object of our choosing. While there are countless objects to focus on, such as a candle flame, a picture, a plant, our breath is a great gateway to the present because it literally follows us wherever we go. Once we are present, we find that every one of our senses are heightened. With our senses heightened, we feel more than we think. Getting settled in an upright position, I dropped down into my body and focused on my breath. Focusing, I became my breath, visualizing my body as the ocean and each breath as an individual wave. I opened up my awareness to ‘feel’ my surroundings. Feeling my surroundings, I sensed aliveness within and around me. Being present, I am a witness to the magic of life. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Letting go
When does letting go of thoughts and judgements really just mean denial that some of these could be true?
Caring For Ourselves
We can’t be present with others if we are not present for ourself. It is important to take a few moments everyday for ourselves to just be by connecting with our breath or do an activity that we enjoy. When we do this on a regular basis, it keeps us from feeling burned out. Sitting outside on another beautiful Fall like morning, I close my eyes to begin focusing on my breath. I feel the cool breeze along with a gentle sprinkle of rain against my skin which is refreshing. My mind becomes completely quiet. I am fully savoring these few minutes of quiet time while connecting with the Earth. As the meditation comes to a close, I take in one last deep inhale, open my eyes, and slowly exhale silently reciting the mantra..”I will take a few moments throughout my day to care for myself.” I am feeling refreshed and centered. Thank you Nitima for creating this wonderful session to start my day with. 🙏 This is one I will definitely revisit. If you are new to meditation, I highly recommend this one.
Presence is the way we start to transform our imperfections into purity. I felt an amazing amount of presence and I felt myself drop in very quickly with this short but very calm and powerful meditation. I enjoyed this in a hot epsom salt bath tonight. Bliss 🙏
Love yourself
Always an important reminder to put your needs in an important and attentive space. We must love ourselves if we want our cup to be overflowing so we can offer it to others
Marques Pizarro
Becoming the breathe
Many lessons in this sessions. Being present with yourself allows you to be present with others. Allowing bad and good thoughts to pass by like the clouds in the sky. And becoming the breathe, feeling, sensing the inhales, exhales, and pauses. Marvelous session to bring us back to the present and to practice self care :)
I readily transported from frenzied multi tasking to peace and calm with this meditation. Now the objective is to hold on to some semblance of this state and remember to be present with myself rather than constantly pushing for productivity. This is a keeper for me.
Self care
In order o care for others, I need to care for me. I found it hard to relax, started dreaming, however the retuning back gently, is a great advice, being gentle with the self doesn’t come natural to me.
I learnt that taking time to do longer meditations is helpful for me. My riotous thoughts take time to settle down and let me be present.
I learned that it was time to start letting go of some crap, and it was OK.