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Prayer: Seeing through God's Loving Eyes

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Neuro-Trauma Informed Mindfulness
Prayerfully asking God to give us the courage to face and not to turn away from what is dark and confusing. To let us look upon that we do not understand without scorn or fear or judgment. To help us to have the heart that He meant for us to love others with. To allow us to see the spirit in those who fear that theirs is lost. And to let us be the light that sees the best in others.
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God Is Good
Hi! This prayer was perfect to listen to today. Today is the one week mark of losing my beloved pet of 13yrs. It’s been real difficult for me this week so I’m searching for any positive places that can lift my spirits. The things said in the prayer were right on and fit in with my day. Thank you so much for having this prayer ready for anyone who is willing to listen to. Have a great day!
Sometimes I can listen to words like Lord and open up to accept how others pray. It’s all the same intention. 💕
Connecting with God
Dear God, I call upon you today to walk with me, talk with me, provide me with strength, and courage to make it through another day. May I see and feel towards all others in the same light as you do. May I show loving kindness and compassion towards myself and all others today. Amen.🙏