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Seeing Is Believing: Meditate & Manifest

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
In this meditation, you are guided through a beautiful method for co-creating; for seeing your future in your mind - in great detail; and for using your future reality as a canvas for manifesting this in the physical world. You may wish to use this meditation often to help you hone your ability to build the details of your future ideal - first in your mind. xo Dorothy
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5 reflections
Growing Babies
Pregnancy has always seemed magical to me. This time, pregnancy will deepen the emotional connection with my husband. The feet massages will feel good at the end of a long day. The belly kisses will show our baby love before he or she arrives. Feeling the movement with my husband will help teach spatial awareness before birth. Singing lullabies while dancing at the end of the day will put the baby to sleep so I can sleep. During labor, I will have a partner who wants to help me cope with the rhythmic pattern of contractions. He will hold my hand, kiss my forehead. Massage my body. After cutting the umbilical cord, we will snuggle in bed as a family. Excited beyond belief. Delighted with joy. Happy for the journey that awaits. Inspired by the miracle. Liberated from past trauma. Love will trump hate.
We all get a little too caught up in seeing what is right in front of us instead of being aware and cognitive of the fact that we deliberately choose our reality by the thoughts we think as well as the thoughts we repeatedly hold in our mind. In this wonderful meditation, we are given a tool for co-creating our future and using that future reality as a canvas for manifesting this in the physical world. Getting comfortable, I rested my awareness on my breath. Becoming one with my breath, I felt my body relax. I saw a blank canvas in front of me as I thought about what I want in my life. Using all of my senses to vividly ‘see’ what I wanted in my mind’s eye, I picked up a utensil and began drawing it out on my blank canvas. The more I drew, the more excited I became. Looking at my painting of my ideal future, I didn’t just ‘see’ love, I actually felt love spreading throughout my body, now. I didn’t just ‘see’ abundance, I actually felt abundant, now. I didn’t just ‘see’ happiness, I actually felt happy, now. Then I began to visualize my upcoming day. ‘Seeing’ myself as I went throughout my day, I saw a confident, kind, resilient, thankful and at ease self. We wake up to a blank canvas every morning. What we choose to draw on it is up to us! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Being lost
I have been lost for so long. I’ve known what I wanted to do but was unaware of the full picture. I can see it now and I have plans on visualizing this and manifesting the means to make it so. I wish this would have been more clear prior to the tragedy in our life but plan on dedicating this all to my family and Tony whom is missed oh so very much. I’m sorry I couldn’t do more for you son. I hope can make you proud now. I love you I love you I love you!!
I needed this. In doing this short practice I realized I have not visualized or believed in a new, more dynamic future in so long. We can get caught up on the hamster wheel of what we’re stuck in. That mindset can make life a prison of limitations. We must see what could be to help make it be. I will do this exercise often.
Love this meditation!
I felt so calm and happy visualising what I want in my future, and it was so clear in my mind! I haven’t done a meditation like this before, but I’ll be doing this one often. Let’s do some manifestin’! 😃😊
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