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Savoring Happiness

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Christina & Darrin
Love Coach & Therapist
As humans, our default mental mode often looks like worry or stress, or at the very least, running through our to-do list. In meditation, we can shift that default mode by asking our minds to dwell on happier memories and experiences. The more you do this practice, the more you will change the neural pathways in your brain, and the more happiness you will welcome into your day. Photo by Ivana Cajina on Unsplash
From the community
11 reflections
This is the first session that has not had a positive impact on me. I am not a " happy" person as I am sure many people are not. Concentrating on a " happy " moment is nearly impossible for me.One day I hope for this to change .
Good Times
I enjoyed this one helps to remember good times during the madness of everyday life.
Finding happiness in peace
I learned it is possible to find happiness in peace. In the still, quietness at the core of my being I found what we seek is never outside of us. In this short meditation being asked to recall a happy time in my life I felt more ME; that sense of peace. And I found that I began to feel content. And from the peace and contentment, I found the stirring of a deep and natural happiness.
I learned that..
each moment of joy is a gift we should cherish and reflect on
Grieving happiness
Coming home at the end of the day to an excited two year old running into your arms melts all my stress & worries away. There is something peaceful & calming to spend the remaining hours with my little ladybug. I miss these moments so much. Midway through the meditation I started crying tears of sorrow. I only get this happy memory once a week now. I miss that reunion more than words can say. It is the best feeling in the world to know that you are loved, important, missed and valued.
happy moments
i learned that we can release anxiety and stress through savoring happy moments and letting those moments consume our body and fill it with happiness:)
Happiness is a choice
Connecting with recent happy experiences can help to cultivate happiness now.
My last moment of happiness
Was made of challenge, movement, focus in the moment and in my body, true friendship, connection, immense gratitude. Facing my worst fear with the help of the most generous friend.
Match ability with type and sword on rust spring spot spirals spit
it’s only castles burning
Remember the last time you were happy. Be here now. Do good work. Detach from the result. stop taking yourself so seriously the wave is only pulling back the water now it will return and wash over you in cascading euphoria “Don’t let it bring you down It’s only castles burning find someone who’s turning And you will come around”
Making a new Memory🌻
My memory went back to my childhood and some other moments in the distant past. I realize that I need to make some current happy moments so today I will go for a nature walk. I’m missing out on so much because I’ve been under the weather. So off I go to create a new moment in time that I can reflect back to as a good memory.🌈
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