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"Saved" - a Love Story

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Dorothy Ratusny
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
A Fantasy, Science-Fiction story intended to engage your senses and wonder; that encourages you to ask, 'What DO I Believe?' Note: The story opens with vivid and graphic content. As you continue to listen, please feel the energy of your heart... open in inspiration, in hope, in love. Namaste! An original story. Written by Ryan Darville. I share this with much love and gratitude. Namaste!
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7 reflections
Interesting story, but...
I thought this story was interesting - far too interestingto be a sleep story. Instead of falling asleep, i found myself lying in bed wide awake, because I wanted to hear how how the story ended.
Don't really want to be thinking about car crashes as I'm calling asleep lol
Not relaxing
Car crash stories do not help me sleep! This made me anxious instead
Anxiety but then Calmed
I didn’t know if I’d enjoy thinking about car crashes before bed. The ending is what made me feel better. Looking forward to life. Appreciate what you have.
Not before bed
The readers voice was very soothing but the story, though well written, was highly agitating due to ongoing detailed descriptions of a car crash. Not relaxing at all.
Wow. What a incredible story the onions were being chopped for this one. Fantastically told too. Thank you.
I had an accident although I ended up in a coma for six months then an inpatient rehab for over a year. Although I was the only truck/car/MV in the accident it was very similar. I suffered a T.B.I. my memory of the accident is hazy at best and I really don't have any memory of the six months before my accident when I was working over in Morocco. Either way, I loved this story. I favorited it and downloaded it. I will listen to it over and over again just because of how it made me feel. Also, can I save my entry here for later reading? I love to write, or I did prior to the accident, I just can't seem to get the words flowing like I used to. Well, thank you for allowing me to listen to this amazing story. I feel much obliged in the true sense of the term I feel incredibly grateful. I thank you. Padraic Kane