Becoming One
In Sati, or mindfulness, there is nothing to achieve. Instead, we are asked to just observe whether it be our breath, our sensations, or our feelings in this moment, without any perception and without any judgement. In essence, we accept ‘what is’ in this moment. In this third part of this three part series, Dorothy has us soften into our breath and then after a while, pair words to our in breath and out breath. Becoming comfortable in my chair, I began to focus on my breath. Noticing my belly and chest rise and fall with each new breath, I began to become one with my breath and it is in this moment that nothing else mattered. In these moments of being one with my breath, I began to pair the word, light to my in breath and the word, peace to my out breath. In essence, I was saying, may I be the light to shine peace on everything and everyone. Saying these words, my entire being was illuminated with calmness, peace and compassion for all beings. Softening, or becoming one with our breath is a great way to anchor ourselves to the present moment. Pairing words with our breath gives us compassion and kindness for ourselves as well as for others. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️