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Sacred Peace

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Arielle Hecht
Spiritual Teacher
Sacred peace is your nature. This loving, short meditation will bring you back to your center of peace. This can be used anytime and was created to overcome deep fear or challenge. In just 5 minutes, you will find yourself more deeply rooted in peace, in love, in Divine Light.
From the community
2 reflections
Thanks for recognizing God in meditation. You have a kind voice and a lot of compassion in your heart. That’s important for true focus and taking time for peaceful sleep.
I learned that I’m not in a peaceful environment because of the negativity of some people around me. It may be difficult to separate from them but some people cannot be kind or know joy and love. We pray for them.
Great start of day
Yes. Thank you for reminding me of the higher spirit and that HE is always with me. Great way to start my day.