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Sacred Breathing

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
In sacred breathing, we examine and experience our breath as more than simply the air we breathe. We experience the breath as life force energy; as sacred oneness with all living things. In this meditation, experience what it means to breathe acknowledging the wisdom of divine sacred breath. xo Dorothy
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Complexity of breathing
There is a lot to take in with this meditation. I got a little anxious because I separate divine from other living beings. For me, divine is my God. And with without his divine intervention, I would have no breath at all. That sounds contradictory, but I couldn’t put myself on the same plane as my God. I’m sure I’m taking too literal a view of these guided words, but it was hard for me. Does that make sense? I’m not sure.
Sacred Breathing
Such a beautiful, healing, soothing guided meditation. Thanks so much Dorothy. Just one small request. I personally loved the longer period of silence at the end and would welcome a slower guiding with longer pauses of silence. This is in no way meant to be critical. I LOVED your guiding. Just a personal preference and that's all. May the life force fill you today and everyday with kindness and love. Peace.
I love this guided meditation so much I’m listening it to it daily.
I can feel the divine energy/force of life in every in-breath, so soothing, so calming, so sweet. My vision of it is a bright white light, the light of Jesus, his divine breath flowing from him into my body and filling my soul with his divine energy and peace. “Peace be with you” he says. “My peace I give you in this life-giving breath”. Thank you SOOO much, Dorothy, for being such a wonderful channel of divine energy and peace. Namaste.
Sacred Breathing
Beyond our physical body, we are beings of energy, mixing and connecting our energy with all beings by way of our breath. In this beautiful visualization meditation, Dorothy introduces us to the concept of sacred breathing and then we use that to connect with the divine consciousness. As I listened to Dorothy explain the concept of sacred breathing, I settled in and brought my awareness to my breath. Connecting to my breath, I felt the subtle sensations that rise and fall with each breath. As a result, my body and mind had arrived at a calm and peaceful state. Feeling relaxed while focused on my breath, I began visualizing a beautiful white light coming in my body by way of my crown chakra. With each new breath, this white light filtered its way down to my heart. Once in my heart, this light mixed in with my blood and spread throughout my body with each new beat of my heart. Being filled with this beautiful white light, I glowed with love, peace and joy. Glowing with these beautiful qualities, I felt my awareness expand beyond my physical body. Feeling sensations as if I was floating, I found myself connected to the divine consciousness. Feeling this beautiful presence engulf my entire being, I became this infinite potential. What an incredible experience! Thank you, Dorothy! I will use this means of sacred breathing often! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
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