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Run An Experiment: Question Everything

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This talk invites the listener to run an experiment, for a set period of time, where the listener is invited to deliberately not believe everything thought, specifically judgments and assessments of people, situations, and self. And to consider alternative interpretations, to help start to un-do the habitual pattern of believing all of our thoughts and interpretations. Most of the time, our automatic thoughts are inaccurate and unhelpful. So this experiment can help us take our thoughts less seriously.
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I learned to stop my thoughts automatically because I had a rampage earlier with my family
question everything
our automatic thoughts are perceived through our reality and how we see things,first thoughts mostly aren’t true.
I love this concept!
I'm ready. I accept your assignment. I will run an experiment on myself. Any thoughts I have that lead to a judgement or an interpretation, I will treat them as not true. It is all in our individual perception. I will be training my mind, over time, to take life much less seriously when it comes to any knee jerk reactions. Usually our immediate thought about things is not at all based on facts. Which of course leads to unpleasant emotions, worry, anger, etc... This CBT session was very informative and helpful. I shall see what this experiment reveals to me about myself!
Humour and tenderness
Happy to try the ‘not true’ experiment and 3 alternative explanations. Interestingly the example with someone walking down the street doesn’t wave back, my automatic thought was ‘they didn’t see me’. This is huge progress for me. Might be around sometimes managing to smile at my thoughts rather than get hooked into a story. Also offering a kindness to them 😊
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