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Root Chakra

16 Min
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Cory Cochiolo
Hypnotherapist & Meditation Teacher
Let this "Root Chakra Therapy" meditation help you to receive everything you need to feed your root energy center what it yearns for to feel healthy. Let go of your reality, and step into the root chakra, red cave, and notice how safe you feel there!
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Laying down on my couch, getting comfortable, I begin to focus on my breath. I guide my breath to my head settling on the space between my eyes. I am standing inside an elevator going to the next floor. The elevator opens in front of a stone place that looks like a cave. There is a red soft glow in this space. As I walk around the cave, I see it has everything I need. Plenty of food and money, there is a fireplace for warmth, a wall full of pictures of all the people I love and care about, a comfy place to sit, and a sturdy roof. It is a safe space. A place full of abundance. All of my needs are met here. I am left feeling content.
Root chakra
I felt the warmth in my root chakra, and in my third eye, I love this meditation, I do it every morning đź–¤