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Rise & Shine Morning Meditation

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Katie Krimitsos
Creator, Women's Meditation Network
The intention of today’s meditation is to create a feeling of excitement, peace and appreciation for the day ahead, so you can shine from the inside out.
From the community
11 reflections
Glowing with Love
Rise and Shine! Welcome to a glorious new day filled with endless opportunities and abundant blessings! Breathing in the cool air, energy rose and awakened my body, mind and spirit to this glorious new day. With my body, mind and spirit awakened to this glorious new day, I found myself smiling, greeting it with gratitude and appreciation. Taking in this new day with gratitude and appreciation, I spotted a fairy fluttering right in front of me. Feeling her light touch upon my head, I sensed her fairy dust illuminating my eyes with a beautiful white light. Soon thereafter, I felt my heart illuminating. Then my arms, hands, belly, legs and feet were illuminating. Feeling my entire body illuminating with this beautiful white light, I sensed an immense love radiating from the inside out! Glowing with love, I set my intentions for this glorious new day. Knowing how I want to show up for this glorious new day, I rise and shine to endless possibilities, miracles and abundant blessings! Every glorious new day we are given, wonder and excitement awaits! Make today be the day that you embrace with gratitude and appreciation! Namaste, beautiful ones! 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Good Morning!
I feel invigorated and grateful for this day ahead. This also grounded me and helped me set an intention for the day! I had trouble waking up today, and this really helped me.
Morning magic!
This is such a beautiful, energising meditation to do. Offering ourselves the healing energy our mind, body & soul needs!💖
Good morning beautiful!
This meditation put a smile of peace and well-being on my face. It is joyful and energizing, but in a smooth way. I am grateful I listened to it this morning.
Good morning!
What a beautiful way to begin the day. Feeling positive, confident, and energized
Siu Yen
Great start to the day
Love this meditation. Great way to start my morning. Wow I just feel energised and ready to start the day!
Mary Jane
I bow to you
Thank you for this morning meditation. Be still and be quiet and listen. Gave my neck ache a chance to soften.
Hello Morning!
Great start to the day. Feel energized and ready to tackle anything that comes my way😁
This helped so much with my back and neck ache that I woke up with! Calmed my mind that didn’t even shut down in my dreams last night. What a peaceful way to wake up! Ready to flow through today!
Marques Pizarro
How we show up
I learned that it doesn’t matter what happens today, as long as I show up in my best self. My intentions, my attitude, my perception.
Before I started my morning was kinda meh now I feel energized and just overall grateful and happy
Practice meditation even when you don’t feel like doing it because it can turn your whole day around
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