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Rise & Awake Morning Meditation

22 Min
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Healing Vibratons Media
Sound Healing Artist
Join us for this crystal singing bowl meditation as we Rise and Awaken with clarity. Through this session, we will be taking deep breaths to fill our body with fresh oxygen as well as activating our body parts for smooth moving joints and limbs. Follow along as we stimulate our senses together and start the day with ease and mindfulness.
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3 reflections
Marie Ree
Helps me with chronic pain
Discovering is track, has helped me with my chronic pain I suffer from chronic pain, and use all the different tracks at aura to help me deal with it. This track in particular helps me get rid of the stiffness I have in the mornings. It helps me to start my day off right! Is gentle enough to use with my medical condition, yet it really does help loosen up and stimulate my body to prepare for the day, after being inactive while sleeping.
Thank you. Finding this track has helped me momentarily clear my thoughts and to remember that all will be well.
I really enjoyed starting my day with this peaceful energizing session. The gentle stretches throughout my body while focusing on my breath has my mind and body aligned for this new day. I am ready to face whatever may come my way today. May my day flow with ease and peace. Namaste.