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Rise And Shine With Full Body Awareness

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Reiki with Anna ASMR
Reiki Master & Mindfulness Coach
Wake up with a boost of energy with this Rise and Shine Meditation. We'll be doing some breath work, a gratitude practice, and a full-body awareness visualization. I love waking up with peace of mind, and gratitude in my heart. I hope this helps get you started on the right foot!
From the community
3 reflections
I felt the light moving from my toes towards the crown of my head and meeting in my heart space. Amazing.
Felt as though I was in a trance
This meditation made me feel a sense of peace and calm like no other meditation I have ever done.
Really Energized
Bringing each body part into awareness created at field of energy that started at the crown. When bringing the air above the head before touching the head I could feel a force field of energy that if needed to protect me I somehow could. I then felt the field of energy surround me which brought a calm relaxing sensation throughout my body. I could feel the energy. This was a wonderful energizing morning meditation with focus.
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