Right & Wrong

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Cassandra Carlopio
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This is a Zen story about right and wrong.
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Day 5
I loved this zen story because of the lesson. The lesson of this story is you are never to old to learn and you can still change your ways. There is still time to learn you right and your wrong. “Right is right even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it.”
The master taught an important lesson to both the thief and the other students. Mercy will out. And, even if you have been wronged, you’re no more important than your peers. And along those lines, for anyone following the story. I spoke with my therapist about the utter lack of care from the psychiatric nurse practitioner I was sent to see. She's going to put me in contact with both the psychiatric referral group AND the state office which regulates complaints such as I have to make, and agrees that this woman is likely in need if much more supervision and training before ”treating” any more patients!
Right and wrong
I interpreted this session as saying knowing right and wrong is one thing. Understanding why things are right and wrong is another. We must understand and help others understand. Otherwise there's no learning.
Right and wrong are all about perspective. The patience of the master, the unknowing pupil, the pupils that were frustrated. I have been the unknowing and frustrated pupils. The master is the inspiration for me.