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Right & Wrong

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This is a Zen story about right and wrong.
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Day 5
I loved this zen story because of the lesson. The lesson of this story is you are never to old to learn and you can still change your ways. There is still time to learn you right and your wrong. “Right is right even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it.”
The master taught an important lesson to both the thief and the other students. Mercy will out. And, even if you have been wronged, you’re no more important than your peers. And along those lines, for anyone following the story. I spoke with my therapist about the utter lack of care from the psychiatric nurse practitioner I was sent to see. She's going to put me in contact with both the psychiatric referral group AND the state office which regulates complaints such as I have to make, and agrees that this woman is likely in need if much more supervision and training before ”treating” any more patients!
Right and wrong
I interpreted this session as saying knowing right and wrong is one thing. Understanding why things are right and wrong is another. We must understand and help others understand. Otherwise there's no learning.
Right and wrong are all about perspective. The patience of the master, the unknowing pupil, the pupils that were frustrated. I have been the unknowing and frustrated pupils. The master is the inspiration for me.
Knowing right from wrong
I learned but while knowing the difference between right and wrong it’s obviously important for individuals, it is also important not to be self righteous . We must avoid judging people who have not learned the same lessons that we have. The Students in the story who draw up the petition calling for the expulsion of the student Who steals or where did stealing is wrong. However, they seem to incorrectly assume that’s a thieving student it’s fully aware of his actions and intends to cause harm. The master however knows this person needs to learn the consequences of factions and forgives the man for stealing. I can apply this towards took my life because there are many things people have said to me with the best of intentions, which I actually find someone offensive. In the future I must recognize but they may not be aware what is making you angry. I must learn to be forgiving and help people learn rather than to take everything personally and shut people out of the pupils in the story were doing. This is particularly in the case, when someone defensive things are said about my disability. The average person may not know when they say these things but they have a cost me any harm. Rather than using my experience to shut people down and exclude them this story has time for me to be forgiving and allow them to learn from their mistakes. It is fine to know right from wrong. But we should not use the storage to be critical of others. I am grateful to the people who work for this app for reminding me but in today’s diverse world, We cannot take for granted but everyone has learned that the lessons we have. As a result we need to learn to forgive other people and not ostracize them. Thank you for helping me think about how to incorporate the lessons from this story into my life, and for putting this track together. Thank you also to the community on this app for taking the time to read this post. I hope everyone is OK, happy, and well.
Right and wrong
I never thought of it this way... some people don't even know right from wrong. live in a way so that they can learn
Right... Wrong...
well, sometimes the only choice is no choice at all.. sometimes, some things that we HAVE TO do are "wrong".. yet we keep on going.
Right and wrong
Remember to gently share what you know with others. Someone took the time to teach you
Right and wrong
Be open.... You may not be right. Just watch and listen and observe. Be open
Right and wrong
I have meditated of this one before... This is hard and has happened to me. I understand but it is so hard when all want to learn and one is taking over the time
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