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Riding the Waves of Life's Challenges

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Cindy Wolk-Weiss, BSW
Mindfulness Meditation Teacher & Healer
We can use the attitude of awareness to deal with the challenges and conflicts in our lives. When faced with these mind states, we often close down, contract, put up protective walls, feel deep sadness, or experience anger. It often leaves us feeling lousy. So what do we do? We begin by cultivating 3 states.
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Self Awareness
Don't wait for an invitation for change, pause and let it be. Reframe your perspective with curiosity, rather than assumption. Stay open to the capacity we have to be kind to ourselves. Openess, Interest and Friendliness. So simple, yet not without self awareness. Check in with yours.
Embrace your authentic saelf
Treasure yourself! Be kind and open. They are words I will take with me and return to often. I am very hard on myself ao these are good reminders.
I just want him to come back, i dont know what happened to us one day we were happy and the other he just feel that its too much for him, that he cant see so much a person, but if you love someone thats what it is right? You want to be with that person. So i just think that he didn’t love me, he just wanted someone to be there
It’s ok
Everyone gets anger. It’s ok. It isn’t definitive. It changes.
It is ok
Everyone gets angry. It isn’t definitive. It changes. We change. Constantly. Open. Curious. Kind.
Every Day:
Treasure and show kindness to yourself. This is a lesson I need to keep learning. I find that I'm always happier in life when I allow myself to just relax and go with the flow. Patience will out. Thanks to some great advice from someone who has become quite precious to me lately, I'm finally closer than ever to seeing the successful completion of my long awaited and fought for Social Security disability case! This means that (at least in my own mind) I'm just THAT MUCH closer to closing the chapter of my life wherein I suffered a massive, debilitating stroke, spent several years recuperating, and frankly wallowing to my own sadness and loss.
Treasure Yourself
We all get into situations in which we feel stuck. In this Life Coaching session, Cindy provides us with three attitudes that we can adopt to assist us through the situation. The first attitude is openness. Take deep breaths and invite ourselves to relax. Doing this will open our awareness and expand our view of the situation so that we can let it be. The second attitude is interest. Be in a child-like state, full of wonder, to get to the truth of the situation. By becoming interested, we can have an open awareness of change to the situation. The third attitude is friendliness. We need to be kind to ourselves and hold ourselves with great tenderness. Telling ourselves that it is going to okay will give ourselves compassion. I learned that utilizing these three attitudes: openness, interest and friendliness, will allow myself and others to ‘just be’ in the situation rather than trying to control the situation. In this manner, I can achieve a sense of calmness and be much more happier while I am in a situation in which I feel stuck. Namaste! 🙏🏻❤️😊
Life is challenging me right now and this gave me tools to address my reaction to those challenges. The words that stayed with me were to let it be and not control the outcome. I feel refreshed!
Trust yourself and your own power. You are the only one that can create the conditions for making life better. :)
These days I am learning to be open to the all spectrum of emotions. It’s what makes us human beings. We grow up thinking that there are bad emotions that we shouldn’t show to others. Be open to show them to yourself and work on the ways to be honest with others is a great challenge . There are ways to show and model all emotions. What difference is for a child growing up knowing how to deal with all kind of emotions. Challenges are the beginning of great changes.
Facing Life’s Challenges
We tend to get so caught up in reacting to a challenge life has thrown at us instead of taking a moment to really see the situation for what it is. I am guilty of this. Cindy offers 3 steps that will help us to ride through the challenges that life throws at us. 1.Invite your whole being to relax by taking a slow deep breath in and exhale slowly. Letting go. This will help us open our awareness to the challenge and expand our view of the situation. 2. Become interested in the truth of the situation. Be curious like a child. If you are having trouble seeing the truth ask for help from a neutral party. 3. Attitude of friendly and kindness to yourself. When we face challenges in our life with an openness, interest, and friendliness this created intimacy with one another and invites the beauty of letting ourselves or others “just be” as they are.
But how to remember to do all these things in the heat of the moment. The pace of my workplace is often frantic, noisy, full of distractions and time dependent...
Riding the Waves of Life’s Challenges
I loved the phrase ‘hold yourself with great tenderness’. In the middle of a truly challenging set of circumstances, I needed to hear this
So relaxing and openhearted
If I relax through life’s challenges I can look more into the truth and feel free
Kindness and Friendliness Towards Yourself
I learned that I need to show kindness towards myself. Saying “it’s okay, darling” with my hand on my heart brought emotions to the surface and I began to tear up knowing that this act of kindness is exactly what I need in this stage of my life.
Befriended myself is NEW! WOW!!! The hug I gave myself was so amazing!!!
I have the answers that lie within me! I just need the guidance, always be a student and learn to befriend myself!!!
I am failing…
I feel like I am failing my family by not understanding the challenges of being in a marriage with mental illness involved. I need to work on REFRAMING the challenges and take them on with a very DIFFERENT perspective. This can change how I deal with it and how our family deals with it.
Okay today
It’s amazing and curious how I can be one way one day and another the next.
Moving on
My heart is broken and I’m learning to love myself and put myself first for once in my life. I haven’t been good to me though. I don’t know what I want and I’m so scared. I’m a walking confused contradiction.
Riding the waves
Through life's challenges I have become aware that it is much like waves. They come and go. Peace.
Let be.
Don’t suffocate the “challenge.” Give it space to move. Let be. Approach it with playful, curiosity.