24 min

Rhythmic Breathing Exercise

24 Min
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Yoga Teacher
This is an intermedium breathing practice that will help you to improve the quality of your breathing. You can use it before meditation in order to calm, and concentrate. If you are still a beginner I will kindly suggest visiting the shorter version and start from there. Don't rush. Note: If you suffer from high blood pressure do not hold your breathing. Rhythmic breathing is beautiful, it helps to calm the nervous system and create awareness of breathing. The more you practice, the more you'll master yourself in your daily life. We will begin centering ourselves, feeling our body, mind, and heart. The pranayama practice will be guided by a sound like a "beep" you'll do the following sequence 4x2x4 8x4x8 8x8x8x2 8x12x8x4 8x16x8x4 Enjoy!