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Re-Write Your Life by Scripting It!!!

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
Did you know that you can rewrite your life? Scripting is a very powerful practice that can change your life! When you harness this amazing technique your life will change for the better! Getting started is easy! A pen, notebook, and a little imagination, and you are off and running to your new life!!
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4 reflections
Need to listen again
I felt that there was a lot in this that could be really useful but I need to listen to it a few more times. Teena, can you recommend any decent books on scripting? I learn better by reading but would rather have something that is recommended
I have wanted to change my life but could not find the fight way to start the change. I love writing and this could be just the inspiration I need. I am going to try this approach.
Changing your life can be easier than you think. I love the creativity of the idea. I can bevthe author of my own story.
All up to me
God does for us what we do for ourselves. God work is inner and outer work. I learned I must forgive myself to truly love myself and move forward.
Deze sessie is zeer inspirerend om te volgen. Ik krijg onmiddellijk goesting om er aan te starten.
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