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Revision Your Reality!!

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
You have the power to live the full realization of your imagination. To revision, events mean to create something the way you wish it would be, and then it will have no choice, but to be! You`ve always had the power and it's now time for you to use it! Cheers~
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5th dimension
5th dimension Decide and visualize Re-write until it becomes a reality Feel as if you already have it The relationship The home Ideal reality 3rd dimension is where we live but can re-write from the 5th dimension
Revision your reality
My heart is full. My mind is calm and clear. I'm so glad I found Aura and began this journey. It's so exciting to listen to these sessions. Teena, you are my hero. You are an amazing person. A gift. I want you to know that I will be going to bed tonight and feeling my ring finger with my thumb. I will be feeling my husband's presence next to me. I will feel what that feels like. For at least 7 days. The joy in heart overflows from this session. Something beautiful is happening to me. ❤️
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