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Revealing Your Dharmata: What You Are

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
In this meditation, experience your ability to awaken through your awareness of what is 'true'. Dharmata is: the intrinsic nature of things as they are. Discover your true nature - your Dharmata. This is such a moving, beautiful and gentle meditation for learning and witnessing much about your authentic self. Dorothy
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A loving mother
Wants to create new life with a loving, trustworthy, and safe partner to experience the deepest emotional connection, spiritual moment, and physical pleasure ever. Mothering is my true calling. Holding a safe space for the pain of others heals my wounds and theirs. Leads to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is through a shared experience, common values, and unconditional love that intimacy blossoms. Just like my recovery flowers. The world transforms, if even briefly, into a kind, beautiful, and gentle place for the wounded warriors, amazing women, lovely ladies, lost boys, and innocent children. I can plant one seed at a time to grow an awe-inspiring flower garden. For the bees of the world to pollinate for future generations.
True to myself
There are times, not too often, when I just don’t know what kind of person I am. I know what I tell myself; I know by my outward actions; I try to integrate the teachings learned through the Aura meditations into my daily life. With this meditation though, and Dorothy’s are among the best, I couldn’t feel the strength in being the kind of person I think I am. Does that make sense? I’ll return to this meditation again because it is inspiring. Just not tonight. 🙏
The authenticity of peace.
This meditation was so gentle on my very chaotic mind, that it not only helped me to release all tension in my body, but within my mind, and find such a deep calmness that I actually briefly fell asleep (which is hard for me to do more often than not with anxiety). I want to cultivate that peace and let it grow and expand within me...I’ve never felt such an untethered tranquility.
Revealing your dharmata
I had never heard of dharmata before, so even though it’s the middle of the night, I became curious enough to want to find out more about it. This is a simple guided meditation that concentrates on your on your breathing and asks you to think about who you are. It really came as no surprise that I thought about the things that are so important to me and that I consider those attributes to be who I am. I have never made a secret about it, though on occasion when it came up I have been treated like an idiot for being this way. This is the first meditation that I have come back to meditation with after having taken time off to decide what it is I want with this. I am pursuing Buddhism little by little but because there is so much information out there, it will take me much time before I know whether or not I will become a Buddhist. But I will always meditate because it does so much good for me.
Revealing your Dharmata: the truth of what you are
This ability to know what you are, being open to understand what your Dharmata, your true self is, is a challenging experience. Provided that you are open to whatever is revealed and in the certainty that there is no invalid answer if you can be brutally honest about what you are aware of, this is a really useful meditation practice. This is because we gain insights into where we can try to improve to become the best that we can be. A word of caution though, before seeking o discover your Dharmata, make sure that you love yourself enough. If you really hate yourself this meditation can really challenge your self esteem.
Revealing your Dharmata
I feel that I am each and every day still trying to figure out who I am at 50+ years old I know in my mind who I would like to be. And that is always to be full of love acceptance and peace I will continue this wonderful journey called life. This meditation was very calming and centering for me 🙏🏽
Universe gives at just the right moment
**warning*: personal/sickness mentioned: I did a wonderful 35 minute yoga session in a room I never go into. It was so healing for me and that room to be in. I felt a spiritual cleanse and seen a spirit as well. After my yoga, I decided to do a light meditation. On my iPhone, I have my Aura app in my health folder on my home screen. I recently limited my social media screen time, switched my work outs to doing yoga, and have been more present with my body. I also am on the mend from passing a very deep heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakra cleanse that involved in a release of brown mucus. Before opening the app I told myself how I can tell how much I’ve changed my health in the past year and it is certainly showing this past week into the new year. I’m proud of me. I loved this meditation because it brought me deep inside my truth and allowed me to accept me as I am in the present. This was really helpful, soothing, and healing. Thank you for the guidance! It was exactly what I needed at the most perfect time.
This was a beautiful inner experience - to witness oneself and answer the question of “who am I”.
I am so much more than I give myself credit for on a daily basis.
This is a very deep, but extremely beautiful meditation in which Dorothy has us go inward to reveal us to and become one with our authentic nature or rather, our dharmata. It can be a very complicated and sometimes even daunting question to ask ourselves, Who Am I? However, in order for us to continue to grow into more, we need to find the courage within and be vulnerable to the answers that appear deep within our dharmata. Going deeply inward and bringing awareness to my breath, I became witness to my dharmata. Sensing myself for who I really am, in this present moment, gave me an awakening, an understanding, a deep wisdom that I hadn’t sensed before. I accept me for who I am. I am open to and excited for who I am Becoming! Thank you Dorothy for this incredible meditation! Namaste...❤️☮️🙏🏻😊
Once again, we are blessed by the wisdom and insights of my dearest friend, Cherish. The love that flows through her words is breathtaking (no pun intended). Perhaps, because I am a writer, I pay very close attention to words and what they mean. I feel that the interchangeability between the use of “what” and “who” is distracting. I am not a “what” (a thing). I am a “who” (a person - not from Whoville LOL). Lastly, I am not completely comfortable with the Eastern references. Uncomfortable...yet willing to learn. Thank you, Dorothy ❤️🤓🙏
Feels good
I’ve open my self of what I like and my thoughts was very good but I was manipulated of some thoughts but I didn’t think of it and it passed
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