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Return to Happiness (Without Music)

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
We can return to experiencing our natural state of happiness first by being mindful of when we have moved out of this inherent state. In this meditation, discover the simplest way to return to your natural state of happiness easily. As you allow your inner wisdom to guide you - you learn how to let go of what feeling(s) you no longer wish to hold and to choose instead how you wish to feel. Feel happiness - NOW - easily :)) Namaste! xo Dorothy
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A shield for the day
One can subconsciously shift into a state of lower positivity or even negatively very quickly and subtly as a result of the day’s unplanned disruptions and distractions. Over time this begins to tacitly erode our state of balance and harmony. This meditation exercise combines the power of breathing with intentional thought. Wonderfully designed, these 15 minutes of focus meditation work very well to get rebalanced. Thanks, Dorothy!
When It's Too Much
I've been in such a calm, centered, and grounded state over the past few months. I had a jarring event occur last night that ripped me out of my peaceful state. Even listening to this meditation, I couldn't shake it. I feel like I need to find a way to let go of the need for letting the person in my life know what they did warranted an ending to our decades-long friendship, and instead find the strength to not reach out or contact her at all while creating a major boundary & working on forgiveness. Even if that boundary means ending the friendship without ever letting her know. I've always been opposed to the concept of ghosting, but I've finally experienced an event where someone didn't deserve my explanation. But I don't know how. Even know, while writing this, I want to send her a text to let her know that what she did was unforgivable. I feel like I need to get advice from a psychologist. I can't seem to find a meditation specifically for dealing with these kinds of major disruptions. There is a pain in my solar plexus, which is where my anxiety typically hangs out whenever any is present. But no amount of mindful breathing is generating any ease. I'm not sure where to go from here.
This is the best way
to start my day! Even if I’m feeling a bit “icky,” Dorothy helps me refocus my thoughts to enjoy the little pleasures, such as the smells in the air or the feel of my hands immersed in hot, soapy dishwater. My problems are still my problems, but sometimes it’s not “the Mountain in front of you,” but the damn pebble in your shoe that makes every step so painful…
Breathing in cool joy - breathing out and letting go of anxious fear. Doing this when negative thoughts and feelings arise throughout the day will help me be calm and joyful
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