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Return to Happiness

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
We can return to experiencing our natural state of happiness first by being mindful of when we have moved out of this inherent state. In this meditation, discover the simplest way to return to your natural state of happiness easily. As you allow your inner wisdom to guide you - you learn how to let go of what feeling(s) you no longer wish to hold, and to choose instead how you wish to feel. Feel happiness - NOW - easily :)) Namaste! xo dorothy
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11 reflections
It’s been so long since I’ve been truly happy
I’ve forgotten what it’s like, and will take a lot of work to figure out how to get back into my natural state. This sessions was frustrating because I couldn’t just ‘breathe my way to happy’. Grr
Soothing breath
Again I am having problems with Aura. It is very annoying. It does not give me a chance to write my thoughts and automatically goes to the next meditation. Then my thoughts are placed with the meditation I did not do. This is actually supposed to be linked with Lyndi’s meditation soothing breath. It was great! Thanks Lyndi 🙂
Return to Happiness
It was a loaded meditation. With the release breath emotions I was not aware off just came out. I feel much lighter. Which is what I was asking for in my in breath. 🙏🏼 thank you.
Return to happiness
I noticed in the beginning that my little monkey mind went all over the place when she said our natural state is happiness. What a ridiculous thought!! Lol as the meditation went on and I was able to focus on my breath, my mind spoke up once again when I realized that when I was focused on my breath, I really was quite content! Very interesting!!
Returning to Happiness
Happiness is our innate state of being. It is easy for us to move out of this natural state throughout our day. However, when we take a few moments to turn inward while focusing on our breath; we are able to return back to our innate state of our being. How am I feeling right now? As I focus on my breath while turning inward, I am feeling angry, sad, and resentful. When I exhale, I silently say I am letting go of feeling angry, sad, and resentful. I can visually see these words coming out of my mouth while exhaling releasing these negative emotions to the earth. After repeating this a few times, I feel my energy shift from within to a more positive state. I feel lighter. How do I want to feel? I want to feel content, confident, and happy. Breathing in these new positive feelings I feel myself returning back to my innate state of being of happiness. Thank you Dorothy for creating this meditation. It was exactly what I needed this morning. This is going on my favorites list. Namaste!🙏 On another note..When I first started this session it was dark and gloomy outside. By the end, the sun was starting to shine. I thought that was pretty cool!
Return to state of happiness
I learned how easy it is to get back into the state of happiness with this meditation!
I felt very relaxed and appreciated the breathing exercise and the reassuring voice along with the music and nature sounds.
I feel like I’m trying to force myself toward happiness as if it’s an activity to exert to get there. I think it just needs to build through time. And that’s what I will effort to do.
I learned that happiness is a persons natural state. I also learned that we can take her selves away from happiness by getting caught up in thoughts and beliefs that are outside of the present moment and our true nature. Thank you to the people who work for this app for putting this track together. Because of this practice ,I am now aware that when I become unhappy due to thoughts of the past or future, I can bring myself back to happiness. The return to happiness can be accomplished by focusing on my breathing. From there,I can deepen my breathing until I fully expand my lungs on the in breathAnd make my out breath effortless. The process of reestablishing happiness will conclude when I take stock of how I feel. Thank you again for teaching me how to recover my own happiness. Hopefully I will be able to put the lessons I learned in this practiceTo good use. I am grateful for the community on this app, for taking the time to read this post. I hope you are all OK, happy, and well.
I learned that being sad is ok but I should always have happiness inside.
Getting there
I’m learning to release stress and feelings of unhappiness through deep breathing.
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