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Retrain Your Mind to Believe in Yourself

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
We train our mind by what we tell it. What we say to ourselves becomes what we believe. We retrain our mind to believe in our self by holding the feeling first of something that we believe to be true - a positive aspect of our self - so that we can identify what this feeling "feels like". This is the first part of our retraining. We then work with envisioning and feeling successful of whatever we doubt. In this way, we focus on the positive outcome of what we desire instead of the fear or doubt. This meditation is best experienced in its entirety to allow for the full effects of its teachings. Please use this meditation often to anchor your new feelings of confidence and to retrain how you think. Namaste!! with love, dorothy
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We are all born with unique qualities. It is only when others have done us harm in some fashion where we come to doubt ourselves and our abilities. In this amazing meditation, Dorothy teaches us how to retrain our brain to believe in ourselves. Retraining our mind to believe in ourselves is a exercise of just a few steps. First, we think of a quality about ourselves that we know to be true. Sitting for a time feeling what it is like to be sure of ourselves, we can now imagine ourselves doing what we are reluctant upon doing. Once we envision ourselves doing whatever it is, we sense what it feels like in our body. It is vital that we sit for a time and sense these feelings, as they are a catalyst for getting us to do what we are reluctant upon doing. Sitting on my bench in the backyard, I began to go within to focus on my breath. After arriving in stillness, I thought of a quality about myself that I know to be true. I am a lifelong student, yearning to learn more. Thinking of this, I felt confident in knowing this truth. After relishing in this feeling of assurance, I began to think of something I am thinking about doing, but carry some doubt in actually doing it. Not because I don’t believe in my abilities per se, but rather my timidity towards it. I have been thinking about doing live Facebook posts on teaching others breathwork I’ve learned in hopes to limit depression and anxiety. Following Dorothy’s guidance, I began to think about doing what I want to do. I saw people watching and learning the breathwork and by doing so, their tension began to melt from their faces. Knowing I had something to do with them feeling better, feelings of joy radiated from my heart space. Feeling successful, I didn’t allow my inner critic bombard me with judgments. This is an exercise I will definitely repeat as I continue to embark on this journey I find myself on. Thank you, Dorothy for your wisdom and gentle guidance! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
How I feel about myself
I Lerner that I am a good person. I am a strong person and I deserve nothing but the best for myself. Love myself more
I hate myself I don’t believe that I have any good traits and I am convinced I am an inherently bad person
I’m miserable. I have no faith in myself. I don’t even like myself.
It’s never to late to try again and to never give up on your hopes & dreams! Yo always remember what your beliefs are and to give yourself permission to grow even in doubt!
Visualization is key to supporting what you want to believe.
The Opposing
The opposing feeling of believing I am unwanted is that I am successful in all things to which I apply myself.
Thoughts strewn about my mind and my attention flickers to one and then the other. I envision a focused mind, on the task at hand. It feels good and rewarding but I’m not there yet. Taking steps there feel like walking through quick sand. I sink with every step forward.. but I’m still moving forward. I am resilient I am loving I can create what I want for myself.
I focused on what I hold to be true about myself, I am kind. I visualized myself being successful and living the life I have always dreamed of having and the feeling, oh the feeling, was that of warmth and joy in my soul.
I feel very relaxed but also very lazy and unmotivated.
Visualising and imagining how you would feel in a position of success causes you to act in the way that creates it.
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