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Retrain Your Mind to Believe in Yourself

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Dorothy Ratusny
We train our mind by what we tell it.  What we say to our self becomes what we believe.  We retrain our mind to believe in our self by holding the feeling first of something that we believe to be true - a positive aspect of our self - so that we can identify what this feeling "feels like".  This is the first part of our retraining.  We then work with envisioning and feeling successful of whatever we doubt.  In this way we focus on the positive outcome of what we desire instead of the fear or doubt. This meditation is best experienced in its entirety to allow for the full effects of its teachings.  Please use this meditation often to anchor your new feelings of confidence and to retrain how you think.  Namaste!!  with love, dorothy Music Credit: Kevin Kendle - 'Oceans'
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Two out of three
I am reminded that I’m a very compassionate person. I don’t need any proof that that person or nonhuman needs something positive from me. It’s just there for the giving. I’m also confident that my choice of becoming a nurse was absolutely spot on. Patient care is one of the most rewarding and satisfying of any I could have chosen. Since I no longer work, Where I need to make changes to achieve my life goal is to widen my very small circle of life adventures to stave off loneliness and isolation. I can do that! Thank you, Dorothy! Namaste 🙏
Good stuff
This sort of stuff needs to be done every day. I really needed this reassurance.
Train your mind to believe in yourself
I really need to repeat this mediation regularly. I need to focus more on what I want, and set this as a goal to work towards.
Retrain your mind
This is the most important thing in life because if you train your mind to be happy no matter what we're in you will be happy
It’s similar to telling yourself to smile and it lifts your spirit Atleast a bit
I need to work on this. I see the problems. I don’t see the solution. I have to see and feel the path forward to help make it happen. My mind has been locked in a bad cycle on some issues.
I feel calm, but it doesn’t seem like enough to help change my thinking in a moment when negative thoughts about myself are high
I learned that having thoughts during meditation isn’t a bad thing.
Mindfulness Over Stress
Before applying for another job, I noticed the tension in my shoulders and tried the 3 min meditation first to clear my head. I allowed my mind to wander off and replace the worries of work with far off visions like how I might plan a surprise baby shower for my bestfriend. I ended up listening to the relaxing ocean waves for 15 mins or so, and when I was ready- I picked up my computer and got to work. Restored, refreshed , and ready.
This morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. So I decided to do a session or two. I’m thankful that I did. I noticed a feeling of relief and hope.
I felt peace, calmness, and confidence with happiness! I'm more confident now.
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