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Rest Well - Before Sleep Meditation

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Sascha Meier (Alexandra)
Personal Development & Mindfulness Coach
As we get ready for sleep, thoughts may be flashing at high speed in our minds. You may be feeling stuck on one prevailing thought or be feeling a general sense of overwhelm as you process the highs and lows of all of the day's micro experiences. Unwind before bed with this relaxation meditation to restore equanimity and for a deeper sleep. To find out more about Sascha and her work, please see:
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2 reflections
You are the knower
I learned that you should not love at a young age because you just for one not go through all the pain if the person you love does not love or even like you back I mean it hurts when you can’t do anything about the fact you love them but they don’t love you back it is not ok they should make that a law that kids should not be able to fall in love I mean but if they do love you back then can I have your life my life fell apart because of one guy and love my brothers old friend they stopped talking about a year ago and I forgot he way even alive until last month fir some reason i could not stop thinking about him now I’m crying over him and I don’t even know why I mean I know why because I fell in love with him and I can’t even talk to him so that is why you should not love.........
Let go
I felt relaxed and if I can just let go of thoughts about things that are bothering me, I’ll be doing myself a big favor.